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This page contains IGN's walkthrough for the story mission The Following from Dying Light: The Following DLC. This expansion adds a whole new map to the game and a buggy. This page will help you complete one of the story missions in the expansion.

You do not have to beat the main game to start The Following. All you need to do, once installing the expansion, is beat the prologue of the main game.


Warning: This page contains spoilers for The Following! Please proceed only if you are on this mission in the game's story.

This mission begins after you kill Kaan’s men and grab the vials at the end of “At the End of the Tunnel.” You have to hop in your buggy and race to the dam in six minutes. Stick to the roads, even with the occasional road block, to avoid going too far off road and getting stuck. If you’re confident in your off-roading skills, go for it!

At the dam, ride the ramp inside the fence. Near the wall is red scaffolding that you will need to climb. Use it and the wall itself to reach to the top of the dam. Open the door that leads to the inside. Now you need to find the Mother.

Inside, the Mother will provide a monologue as you walk through the halls of the dam. Follow the straight path and watch the spooky ghost flashback. Head to the right from the flashback to the center of the dam’s interior. Approach the Mother and watch one more ghostly scene with her.

Interact with the Mother to trigger a cutscene and her reveal!

Zombie Mother!

The Mother goes on about how there is only one way to save the people is to sacrifice them all. You can either join her or refuse her. This choice will change the ending of the story, but no matter what you can load the save back up and continue exploring the wilderness. Will you side with the Mother or stand against her?


Fight the Mother

If you choose to refuse the Mother’s mercy, she crams a heavy dose of the blue liquid down Crane’s throat. She tosses you down to the ground floor of the dam and you now have to kill the Mother.

Make sure your weapons are all set and you have plenty of health kits. If not, use the time at the beginning of the fight to pause and craft what you need. When you are all set, you’ll want to find a sloped metal unit on the ground floor. It looks like a triangle and is a short hill. You’ll want to use that in the second phase of the fight.

Once you find the slope, head up the stairs to the second level and watch your back. The Mother will try to sneak up behind you. When she finally confronts you, dodge her strikes and hit her. After dealing a little damage to her, she will vanish and try to sneak up on you again.

Repeat this a couple of times before she sends a hoard of herself at you. Somehow she has cloned herself and is sending them after you. This is the second phase of the fight. Run back to the sloped unit and climb to the top. Use the slope to funnel the hoard up to you single file.

Watch the edges, occasionally a zombie will climb the side. Overall, they will attack one at a time on the slope.

After a few minutes of this, the blue liquid starts to kick in. Crane cringes and the virus begins to consume him. Your weapons are dropped, in exchange for his fists. Your health will also regenerate, rather quickly, if you have some space from the enemy.


Continue to use the slope to finish off more apparitions of the Mother. Before too long ,a health bar will appear and the hoard will vanish. The real Mother is ready to fight you now.

Her initial attack is to rush at you at punch you. Side step and take a swing at her. When you counter her blows the game will slow down a bit. Do your best to move and stay behind her to keep dealing damage. When 20% of her health is gone, she will let out a scream that launches you back.

As soon as you get up, side step to dodge her punch. Wail on her again until 40% of her health is gone. Crane will have a brief vision that flashes before him with the paintings of the Mother. If your health is low, back up and let it regenerate.

Another attack she has is a cry like a Screamer, where the closer you are to her, the more damage it does. Run away in this attack. Watch for her to leap and strike down too. Keep up this patter until the very last bit of her health. You’ll have to mash theX/A button to stun her and then hit her a couple more times.

Having trouble fighting The Mother? There's strategy guide, explaining each phase:

Join the Mother

If you agree to sacrifice the people of Harran with the Mother, the rest of the game plays out in a cutscene. The numbers Atilla gave you were the launch codes for the military’s nuclear bomb, only to be used as a fail safe if the cure did not work. Crane will enter the numbers and the bomb will detonate.

Congratulations! You have beaten The Following’s campaign. You can still dive back into the Countryside and finish off more side quests, max out your buggy’s gear, and find the secret nuclear bomb!


Alternate, full video walkthrough:

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