Who is The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and was he dating Selena Gomez as a Boyfriend? (2024)


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Who is The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and was he dating Selena Gomez as a Boyfriend? (1)

If you have been romantically linked to the famous starlet and the pop singing powerhouse Selena Gomez, you are bound to attract heightened publicity from the press regarding your love life being linked to her dating history.

In this article, we are going to highlight the dating life of Andrew Drew Taggert—one-half of the American EDM DJ and production duo The Chainsmokers alongside Alexander "Alex" Pall—who in January 2023 reportedly went on dates with the Love Your Like A Love singer after his separation from American fashion model Eva Jobs, according to a source testimony to US Weekly.

Read the full article to get the complete story regarding Portland native Taggert's relationship timelines.

Who is Andrew "Drew" Taggert dating now?

As of now, Taggert is seemingly single as there have been no reports of him dating anyone since the last time he had been linked with Selena Gomez.

Gomez has now allegedly been dating British singer Zayn Malik, according to eyewitness testimony toEntertainment Tonight. The source spotted the pair kissing and holding hands while walking in arestaurant.

Later, another insider revealed to US Weekly that Gomez and Malik had been acquainted with each other for years, and the former One Direction singer was "into her." Similarly, another insider even told RaderOnline that Malik was Selena's "ultimate dream man."

“He’s admired her and thinks she’s an incredible person, inside and out," the source explained, adding"She’s free to see other people. However, Zayn would love to continue to see Selena and see where things go.”

And as the rumored pair's love life has been highlighted, there have been reports that Malik's ex-girlfriendGigi Hadid and her sisterBella Hadidmight have come to the terms with the relationship between Gomez andMalik if they were true, according to sources.

Was Selena Gomez and Andrew "Drew" Taggert dating?

Although Gomez and Taggert haven't mutually agreed to have dated, there was strong evidence to suggest that the pair tried to form a connection in January 2023.

The Us Weekly source's revelation was included in the US Weekly January 16 article that the pair valued each other and they were giving their relationship "a try" as the pair were enjoying each other company and Gomezcould “hardly keep her hands off him.”

The source also revealed that the two were “very casual and low-key” and went "bowling and to the movies” for date nights.

Later, on 17 January 2023, Page Six showcased the pictures of Gomez and Taggert enjoying bowling at The Gutter located in New York.

And after a few daysafter the article from US Weekly, Cosmopolitan reported that Gomez then took to Instagram to note that she was "single."

Later, on March 15, Gomez also shared a TikTok video lip-syncing to a female voice that stated,"I hate it when girls are like, 'Oh my gosh, my crush doesn't even know that I exist.'" After that, she noted in her own voice,"Girl, my crush doesn't even exist!"

On May 3, 2022, Andrew “Drew” Taggart from The Chainsmokers uploaded a carousel on his Instagram and seemingly announced he has a new girlfriend.

Before Gomez, Drew was in a relationship with Steve Job's youngest daughter Eve Jobs, according to an Insider to US Weekly,who described their relationship as a "casual summer fling" and their break as "amicable." Seventeen, on January 18, 2023, also reported that fans spotted that Eve had deleted her Instagram aftermath of the rumored dating stories between Gomez and Taggert went live.

Not long before, Taggert and Eve had shared multiple intimate pictures of them enjoying their time together.

This was just a month ago December 14 with eve jobs she even commented on this post of Drew kissing eve pic.twitter.com/9XzMmbgJWZ— .Hailo (@hailob4real) January 16, 2023

usweekly trying to act like they know sh*t when eve jobs and drew are together https://t.co/hDtdX6WKGZ pic.twitter.com/2acyDL9oHy— k (@gomzswft) January 16, 2023

In 2022, Taggert also seemingly dated OnlyFans star Stella Barey

On May 3, 2022, Andrew “Drew” Taggart from The Chainsmokers uploaded a carousel on his Instagram and seemingly announced he has a new girlfriend.

Thenew girlfriend was identified as Stella in the caption by the musician.His fans took to the comment section to congratulate the new couple.

Some fans recognized her, and according to them, Taggart’s new girlfriend was OnlyFansstar Stella Barey.

Barey, whose username is @bareystella on TikTok, uploaded a video with Taggart.

She also took to Instagram, where she goes by “ana1princ3ss,” to upload a loved-up carousel with the musician.

While most of her fans congratulated her, many were confused andasked her what happened to the “original Drew.” It appears Barey’s previous boyfriend was also called Drew.

Who is The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and was he dating Selena Gomez as a Boyfriend? (2)

Drew Taggart introduceshis new girlfriend, Stella Barey, to his Instagram followers. (Source: Drew Taggart/Instagram)

Despite possibly being in a new relationship, Barey didnot delete photos of her previous boyfriend.In a March 31, 2022, Instagram post, the adult star was seen lounging in bed with the older Drew.

“I don’t need anyone to understand us, we understand us,” wrote Barey in the caption.

And Netizens misunderstood Taggart’s relationship with her and criticized her, saying she should not be dating two boys simultaneously.

But Barey put an end to it when she uploaded a TikTok and clarified she “could never have two boyfriends.”

There isn’t any information on how Taggart and Barey met or fell in love, but she talked about her life in Tana Mongeau'sCancelled with Tana Mongeaupodcast.

According to the episode description, Barey skyrocketed to fame on OnlyFans after having a sexual relationship with her cousin.

Barey noted everyone knew she and her cousin were related from their TikToks and Instagram, so they never explicitly mentioned their relationship.

She and her cousin just uploaded a video titled “Hannah and Stella.”

The video went viral, and since then, she has become one of the top OnlyFans creators and earns$200,000 a monthon the platform.

Barey has also amassed a loyal following on TikTok.Unfortunately, her accounts keep getting deleted, but that doesn’t stop her from making a new one to spread unfiltered information about sex and sexual health on the app.

Drew Taggart and Chantel Jeffries also dated

Before Barey, Taggart was dating DJ, model, and YouTube personality Chantel Jeffries.

They were first rumored to be dating in February 2020 after being spotted at a Miami Super Bowl party.

The pair confirmed nothing, but they continued tograbdinner in Los Angeles and even joinedTaggart’s Chainsmokers bandmateAlex Pallfor a double date.

Finally, in July 2020, the couple made their relationship Instagram official, with Jeffries posting pictures of herself kissing Taggart.

After that, the duo would occasionally post photos on social media for special occasions like birthdays.

Everything seemed to be going great between them, but in April 2021, Us Weekly reported that the pair had broken up after one year of dating.

An insider told the outlet that the couple had broken up amicablya month ago and remained friends.

BackIn 2016, Taggert reportedly dated Haley Rowe

According to Taggert's groupmate Alex Pall, Rowe, and Taggert dated in early 2016 and separated months after in September.“I still have the same girlfriend [Tori Woodward] but Drew actually just broke up with his girlfriend, like, two days ago,” Pall revealed to the Australian podcast Mike E & Emma.

Who is The Chainsmokers’ Drew Taggart and was he dating Selena Gomez as a Boyfriend? (2024)


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