toby keith merle haggard last concert i fly (2024)

  • The Valerie Bellot ShowMusic 8 Jun

    Tous les samedis, le Valerie Bellot Show diffuse de la New Country des superstars, aux nouvelles découvertes, d’artistes directement de Nashville ou autres. Miranda Lambert, Éric Church, Blake Shelton, Sam Hunt, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean et Old Dominion. Mais j’aime aussi la musique country de la fin des années 80, 90 et début des années 2000. Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Shania Twain, Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks.

    Up Radio Paris Samedi 19h00 - 21h00 (2 h) Heure d'été d'Europe centrale (UTC + 2)

  • 5 Daily Trivia QuestionsLeisure, Games 10 May

    Daily trivia perfect for trivia enthusiasts, curious minds, and learners of all ages, 'Five Daily Trivia Questions' provides a quick, diverse, and informative escape into the world of trivia covering a wide array of topics, from American history and superheroes to pizza and chocolate.

    Indulge your taste buds with trivia about everyone's favorite comfort food, pizza, or learn about the cultural significance of Lunar New Year celebrations. From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas to the iconic landmarks of San Francisco, there's something for everyone in our trivia lineup.

    Uncover the secrets of Groundhog Day or test your knowledge of famous musicians like Taylor Swift and Toby Keith. Dive into the world of literature with trivia about Winnie the Pooh or explore the achievements of historical figures like Benjamin Franklin.

    But that's not all! Celebrate quirky holidays like National Puzzle Day and National Snuggle A Chicken Day, or learn about important social movements like Women Rock Day and National Science Fiction Day.

    With Five Daily Trivia Questions, you'll never run out of interesting facts to impress your friends. So tune in each day for five minutes of trivia fun and expand your knowledge one question at a time. Subscribe now and let the games begin!

    Every weekday, we bring you five carefully crafted questions, ranging from delightfully easy to intriguingly difficult. It's a challenge for your brain and a treat for your curiosity! This podcast not only entertains but educates, making it a perfect listen during your morning coffee, commute, or as a quick brain exercise. Portions of this podcast were created with the assistance of AI,

    Each question is an opportunity to learn something new and explore fascinating facts you may not have known.

  • Hitmaker ChroniclesMusic, Music History 31 May

    Welcome to Hitmaker Chronicles, the podcast where music's hidden stories come to life. Every episode we take you behind the scenes of the world's most iconic songs, exploring the magic woven into every note and lyric. From pop anthems to timeless classics, Hitmaker Chronicles delves deep into the heart of each track giving you an insider's view into the creative process that shapes the songs you love. Discover the inspiration behind the hits, the struggles and triumphs of creation, and the cultural impact that turns a song into a phenomenon. Whether you're a lifelong music fan, or just curious about the stories behind the sound, Hitmaker Chronicles is your guide to the soul of music. Portions of this podcast were created with the assistance of AI,

    From Toby Keith's country anthem "Beer For My Horses" to Billie Eilish's haunting "What Was I Made For," and from Olivia Rodrigo's breakout hit "Vampire" to Jelly Roll’s powerful anthem “Son of a Sinner”, we cover a wide range of genres and styles.

    Plus, don't miss our analysis of Taylor Swift's thought-provoking "Anti-Hero," nominated for a Grammy, and Miley Cyrus's soul-stirring "Flowers," a Grammy-winning masterpiece.

    Get all these episodes plus hundreds more commercial free here!

    See the full list of shows and sign up for our newsletter for more great news from Caloroga Shark Media.

  • Toby + Chilli's "Crazy First Dates"Leisure 6 Jun

    Have you ever had a Crazy First Date story that's SO good it needs to be shared with the WORLD?! Remember, doesn’t have to be your worst… just your first!


    My name is Toby Jepson and I have spent over 30 years working as a musician at an international level.

    I’ve written and produced hit records, toured the world umpteen times, hung out with and befriended outrageously successful people, recorded at some of the world’s most amazing studios, stayed in some of the world best hotels and dined at the finest restaurants, as well as survived on one kebab a week whilst making the back of a transit van in the winter my home. I’ve made a life in the hardest game there is and for what reward?

    Often very little.

    Who are we? The rock stars? What does that even mean?

    I’ve long thought that the music business, with all its perceived glory, debauchery, wealth, privilege, stardom fame etc etc, has been badly misrepresented; the reality is so very different, so much harder and demanding than you could ever know at the beginning of the dream.

    Why is this? Yes, It’s certainly the media at large that are to blame for the perception as they love to ramp up the bad behaviour of ‘rock stars’ and attach drama to every aspect of their lives; it’s good column inches and sells newspapers - we know this - but it’s SO much more than that. It takes a certain character, a certain focus, a dogged determination and a willingness to never quit to really succeed - often at the expense of personal relationships and your own mental health.

    So, who are we? These so called ‘rock stars’? And who are the people that surround us? The managers, agents, merchandisers, road managers, record label bosses and music producers? What’s their story? How does all this fit together?

    My question is: What do the musicians and the key workers themselves think of themselves? and what does the successful working musician really feel about his or her music and the journey they have experienced to get there? What’s the motivation behind the glittery curtain and how, in the face of overwhelming odds, do you keep going?

    In my new series of podcasts - TOBY AND THE WHOLE TRUTH - I seek to uncover the reality of what it means to live and work as a successful person in the real music business. I’ve interviewed characters from every sector of this crazy yet obsessively addictive world to try uncover what it really takes to reach beyond the dream, step out of the garage and bedroom to escape the ‘normal’ world and become a success against the odds in the most competitive business there is.

    Successes, failures, mental health battles, dreams verses reality, relationship struggles, excess, boredom and the mediocrity of a world hidden from view are all tackled in this compelling series of conversations between two working music business professionals.

    Think you know the truth about a life existing in the world of ‘rock no roll’?

    Think again.

    Learn more:

  • Toby's PodcastLeisure, Games 9 Jun

    This is Toby's podcast! A very majestical podcast revolved mostly around my singing monsters! So if you're interested, join me for a fantastic ride of msm and dof fun! If you want to see more of me, you can visit my twitch! (TobyCreyes_12) I stream there ever so oftenly, I hope you enjoy my hilarious episodes that I jam packed full of blood sweat and tears.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Conocido como Toby Jr., el Dr. Edgar Lopez Bertrand Jr. es el Pastor General del Tabernaculo Biblico Bautista Amigos de Israel.

  • The Toby Foster PodcastComedy 20 Oct 2023

    The funniest bits of the week from Toby’s weekday breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield, with topical chat and the best callers in local radio!

  • The Toby Gribben Show HighlightsComedy, Music, Comedy Interviews, Music Interviews 4 May

    Highlights from Toby Gribben's afternoon show on Shout Radio. Featuring chat with top showbiz guests.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Four different Doctor Who Podcasts from award winning comedian Toby Hadoke, whose Edinburgh show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf became a West End hit, toured the world, and became a Sony nominated BBC Radio series.

    The podcasts are:

    ”Season One” : Happy Times and Places - episode commentaries (a video version is also available on You Tube). Released twice weekly.

    ”Season 2” : Too Much Information - an episode-by-episode examination of the making of the series. Released once a month.

    ”Season 3” : Indefinable Magic - whimsical essays inspired by the show. Released at least once a month.

    BONUS ”Season 4” : (Far) Too Much Information - a spin-off from Too Much Information containing all the stuff deemed too geeky for the above... (initially available to Patrons only but there is an example on here).

    Please see for early and bonus releases
    Please join the mailing list at
    Please subscribe to Toby Hadoke’s You Tube channel.

  • Talks With Toby30 Oct 2023

    "Flere og flere børn og unge mistrives og har alvorlige psykiske udfordringer." Sådan skriver Psykiatrifonden, og gennem min profesionelle karriere som leder for mere end 50 forskellige unge, har denne problemstilling rørt mig dybt. Frihed skaber angst, og jeg vil derfor i denne podcast snakke med nogle af de seje mennesker jeg har mødt på min vej, som har valgt at jagte deres drømme med alt hvad det indebærer. Jeg håber at inspirere til og håndgribeliggøre netop dette. Walk your next path with pride.

  • Pitchside with Toby ReynoldsSports, Cricket, Football 22 May

    Each episode, Toby investigates a different sporting topic, with a new guest. Each guest is an expert in their own subject and podcasts dive deep into different subjects each week. Topics range from the dominance of Surrey CCC in the County Championship to the Premiership Rugby salary cap to the growth of African or Arab football.

  • Achievers aim high, but to fall short is fundamentally human. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we simply run out of time. Either way, it is what we do with the end of one chapter that can make all the difference in the next. Do we fall apart at the seams, coming undone to be forever branded as someone who lost? Or do we see the fuller picture, recognizing that the task remains unfinished and understanding that the end of a chapter isn't the same as the end of the story. Becoming UnDone is the podcast for those who dare bravely, try mightily, and grow relentlessly. Join author, speaker, and host Dr. Toby Brooks as he invites a new guest each episode to examine how high achievers can transform from falling apart to falling in place.

  • Here, we can talk about the hard things. In fact, we must.

    Welcome to 'Fierce Conversations with Toby,' where candid and impactful discussions become the norm. Join Toby Dorr, a fearless advocate for heartfelt and powerful intensity, as she tackles uncomfortable topics, encourages taking bold risks, and embraces the challenges of life. These episodes provide emotional preparedness for life's toughest moments, helping you find strength in vulnerability and the growth that comes from defying the ordinary. Join Toby and her guests as they share their stories, validate their passions, and inspire you to make a difference in your community. Get ready for captivating episodes that encourage you to break free from the confines of everyday life.

    To connect more with Toby and support this podcast, head to our Patreon page at All support tiers include access to Toby’s private community on Facebook and a downloadable gratitude journal created by Toby. Most importantly, ten percent of all your support through Patreon goes to donating books to incarcerated women, a passion project led by Toby.

    Head to to find all of Toby’s books and audiobooks, including her bestselling true crime and emotionally charged memoir, Living With Conviction: Unexpected Sisterhood, Healing, and Redemption in the Wake of Life-Altering Choices, The Unleashed Series, and her book of poetry You are Not Your Worst Mistake: Poems from Prison.

    Find out more about Toby and learn how to book her to speak at your event at


    Created by Toby Dorr.

    Produced by Number Three Productions, a division of GracePoint Publishing.

    Theme song:

    Lisa Plasse: Composer, arranger, and flutist

    Caroline Parody: Piano

    Tony Ventura: Bass

    For more information on these fabulous musicians, please go to


  • The Golf Coach with Toby McGeachieSports, Golf 4 Jun

    Toby McGeachie, a highly regarded golf coach in the coaching world, is a self-confessed golf nerd who is passionate about helping people improve their golf game. In this podcast he has conversations with a variety of people in golf, from PGA Tour players, Tour Coaches, Fitness instructors and many more. Toby’s holistic approach and excellent communication skills helps make the complicated sound simple.

  • The Caring Economy with Toby Usnik Business 2 Jun

    Looking for purpose-driven career or business advice? Want to match your personal brand with a values-aligned organization? The Caring Economy is your destination. Join us weekly for insightful discussions with influential leaders sharing how they balance purpose, profit, and legacy in today's challenging business landscape. Topics range from corporate social responsibility to brand stewardship and beyond.

    Discover how to transform your career or business through caring principles. Engage with us on LinkedIn (Toby Usnik) and Twitter (@Tusnik) using #TheCaringEconomy.

  • BrainDrain Skateboarding show with Toby Batchelor and Forde Brookfield Comedy, Comedy Interviews 30 May

    40% skateboarding 60% nonsense. Hosted by @tobybatchelor & @funeralforde.

  • Toby Morse is the host of the One Life One Chance podcast and lead singer of the band H2O for 26 years. The show, as well as his 501C3 non-profit organization, is named after one of their most impactful songs off of their 1999 album F.T.T.W. Inside these episodes you'll hear him have real, authentic and non-scripted conversations with friends and heroes who have had a major impact on his life, where many guests have said it was "very therapeutic". Follow him on Instagram @onelifeonechancepodcast and @tobymorse for pics, video and an inside look at his interviews, and for more information about Toby's lifestyle and his non-profit visit

  • How To Win At Life with Toby StrongEducation, Business 31 Oct 2023

    Transformative insights from a winning entrepreneur, delivered in 10-minute power episodes – for personal growth, family harmony, and career success!

  • Step into the hilarious world of NRL with James Maloney, Toby Rudolf, Jeremey Latimore's & The Professor's brand new podcast! Each week the guys will bring their expert analysis and larger-than-life personalities. So buckle up for a rollercoaster ride of laughs, insider stories, and top-notch banter that will leave you in stitches while keeping you in the know about all things rugby league.

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toby keith merle haggard last concert i fly (2024)


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