Standard Banner from Jefferson City, Tennessee (2024)

3 721 Broadway Jefferson City 9-9 Weekdays family center 1-6 Sun. 40 CHANNEL. CB RADIO One of the quietest receiving Midland has ever offered, 4-Watt output, PA Switch, Squelch Control, gain control. 1 $11788 AL 6. Cal OFF OFF DELTA TUNE NO.

77-882B Storage Sale Cabinets at Budget Prices! ALL STEEL 30" 60" TOP BASE 20" 36" 30" DELUXE Heat and Stain 4 deep shelves. Extra Resistant Ton bin. Gleaming white Stainless Steel Trim Utility Drawer Extra Storage Below White Finish UTILITY deep vegetable finish $3 EXTRA FOR COPPERTONE, AVOCADO AND HARVEST GOLD WHITE COLORS $3888 4 1 DONE 70-220 CAR OUTDOOR RAMPS DINING CANOPY 12' dant 12' base size. Fire retar- NOW adjustable center pole. ONLY fabric.

All metal frame, 19.99 4 All Steel, enamel pair capacity. finish. 5,000 lb. $1699 set bos PET'S PAL pride 4 absorbent CEDAR BIDDING Electricord. cat's C2516- A 025 CEDAR .5 SPREAD 25 Ft.

Flatline GROUNDING CORD. 5 Lb: Bag $164 $388 Records Tapes Lady Cher Roger Godfather Family Album Clarks Osborne Midnight Roy Sonny Cher-All Ever Need Is Bachman Turner Overdrive-Head On The Hues Corporation- Charlie Rockin Soul 33 Miss Firestone to wed David H. Litz Thursday, April 28, 1977 STANDARD- Page Mr. and Mrs. J.K.T.

Firestone of Loudon, Tennessee announce the engagement of their daughter Lovdie (Dustin) Firestone of Knoxville to David Harold Litz, Ill, ville, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Harold Litz. of Talbott, Tennessee." The bride-elect is a graduate of Loudon High School and the U.T. Hospital of Nursing.

She is employed as a registered nurse in the Knoxville Neurosurgical Clinic. groom-to-be is a graduate of Central High School, Davenport, lowa and will graduate from State Technical Institute with a degree in Electronics in June. He is self-employed as a pher. The wedding is planned for May 28, 1977 at 5:00 p.m. at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church, Knoxville.

No' invitations are being sent. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. Need a new home? Now is the time to build or buy. predictions are that prices will keep on rising a house built or bought now will grow more valuable every year and you will live in a rent-free house all the time build or buy now, be worth more in a few years We'll furnish the money JEFFERSON CITY BRANCH FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Jefferson City, Tenn, Janie Lee has recently joined Elaine Trent and A. Anne Weston at the WESTERN WILLOW BEAUTY In SALON.

They are specializing in the newest fashion cuts! The wedge, mushroom and the Slide for women. Also the latest in layer cuts for men. Call 586-7348 for appointment. Located in Western Willow Shopping Center. SPECIALIZING IN EAR PIERCING, ALSO Carol's Fashion Shop "ACROSS FROM MORRISTOWN "Next To Shoneys" 1 New Shipment of i SPORTSWEAR AND 4.

LINGERIE for Mother and the Graduate Bleylee Hooper Act III Center Stage Red Eye Country Set Sandcastle New shipment of jewelery and gifts at our usual low prices 1. Open Mon. -Sat. 10-6 master 4 8 Friday 10-9 '1 Del. 4.

Miss Lovdie (Dustin) Firestone Mr. Harold Litz, 2 Ann Goddard Miss Anne Goddard, brideelect of David C. Jones, was honoree at a miscellaneous shower on Saturday, April 23, from 3 to 5 p.m. at the spacious home of Mrs. Frank C.

Hodge. Mrs. Edward Felknor and Mrs. Alex Pasetti 2 Dandridge Personals MISS KATE SWANN Phone 397-3385 Mr. and Mrs.

W.E. Hendrix were hosts Tuesday for the Triple (Senior Citizens), of Meridian Baptist Church, Knoxville. There were 35 present. The program was a review of the book NORMA. Mr.

Simpson of South Carolina was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Strand Sat-, urday. Mr.

and Mrs. Hershel Felts spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Roberts in Knoxville.

Steve Chrisman and daughter of. Forest City, N.C., are visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Chrisman. Other guests of Mrs. Chrisman were Mr.

and Mrs. Raymond Cates of Oregon, Ill. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Whittaker of Jefferson City and Mrs.

Dan Culton of Greeneville were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Moore. Andy Chrisman celebrated his birthday on April 26. Priscilla Denton celebrated her birthday this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Johnson of Greenville were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Seals Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hill visited Mr. and Mrs. Xan Davenport in Sevierville A Sunday.

Mrs. Wayne Hart visited her sister, Mrs. Jake Busler 31 Sunday. A.0. Burchfield was the guest of Dr.

and Mrs. Howard Hill last week. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Boling of Cleveland, Ohio have been guests of Mr.

and Mrs. Herbert Whaley. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shipley of Franklin, Ohio have returned home after a visit with relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. John Duff and Mrs. Stella Henry of Maryville were guests of Mr. and Mrs.

Jack Rader and Mrs. Viola Cook last week. David Ball gets music 4. scholarship David Ball, son of Dr. and Mrs.

Louis 0. Ball, Jefferson City, Tennessee. has been awarded a $200 music scholarship by Belmont College's Music Department for 1977-78. The grant is given in nition of outstanding work accomplished by David during 1976-77. Dr.

Jerry L. Warren, chairman of Belmont's Music Department, said. Belmont is a Senior coeducational liberal college owned and operated by the Tennessee Baptist Dr. Herbert C. Gabhart is the president.

18 A Hits Neil Diamond Ohio Honey Bert Kacmpfert-Greatest Hits Flyer of Love Bobby Coming Your Way You DOg Night Three Stocly Lied Pride- The Sensational Charlie Pride 1 honoree of shower assisted the hostess. The guests were invited into the dining room to a beautiful table laid with a pink lace cloth with a bride doll for centerpiece. Delectible finger foods and pink punch enticed the party attendants. A lovely bouquet of pink rose buds and baby breath graced the buffet. Miss Goddard received many attractive gifts.

Throughout the house Mrs. Hodge used several arrangements of lilies of the valley. A special gift for the bride-tobe was a hanging planter filled with graceful striped green and white jew. Guests were the Mesdames Ralph Rankin, William Catlett, Leonard Moore, Dexter Moore, A.0. Burchfield, Albert Swann, Jack Taylor, Albert Rimmer, Gene Henry, Alfred Strand, R.L.

Sherrod, John Taylor, Donald Blackburn, Tom Campbell, John Stokely, Y.J. McAndrew, Cal Miller, Carl Biddle, John B. Harrison, Hugh Felknor, Ben Seahorn, Cecil Jones, Paul Goddard, and the Misses Ruth Gass, Miriam Swann, Martha Lou and the honored guest. cat's ST203 4: CAT 20 Gal. Galvanized LITTER 'GARBAGE CAN 5 Lb.

Bag With lid drop handles Limit 4 $427 .64 Pi I.

Standard Banner from Jefferson City, Tennessee (2024)


Standard Banner from Jefferson City, Tennessee? ›

In 2022, Jefferson City, TN had a population of 8.39k people with a median age of 30.8 and a median household income of $48,212. Between 2021 and 2022 the population of Jefferson City, TN grew from 8,173 to 8,391, a 2.67% increase and its median household income grew from $46,056 to $48,212, a 4.68% increase.

Is Jefferson City TN growing? ›

In 2022, Jefferson City, TN had a population of 8.39k people with a median age of 30.8 and a median household income of $48,212. Between 2021 and 2022 the population of Jefferson City, TN grew from 8,173 to 8,391, a 2.67% increase and its median household income grew from $46,056 to $48,212, a 4.68% increase.

What is the news paper for Jefferson City TN? ›

Standard Banner | Jefferson City TN.

What is the fastest growing town in Tennessee? ›

The Two Fastest Growing Cities Might Surprise You

Based on Census Bureau data, two of the 15 fastest growing cities in the United States over the last decade are located in Tennessee. They are Murfreesboro and Franklin. Murfreesboro, home of Middle Tennessee State University, is the sixth-largest city in Tennessee.

What state is moving to Tennessee the most? ›

In recent years, migration has been the main driver of population growth in Tennessee. Individuals who moved to Tennessee from other states mostly came from California, Texas, and the southeastern U.S. The largest contributors were Florida and California, sending 25,318 and 22,565 new residents respectively.

What is the black newspaper in Nashville Tennessee? ›

The Tennessee Tribune | Nashville TN.

What is the main newspaper in Nashville TN? ›

The Tennessean, Nashville's daily newspaper, traces its roots back to the Nashville Whig, a weekly paper that began publication on September 1, 1812.

What is the name of the newspaper in Memphis Tennessee? ›

Local Newspapers
The Commercial Appeal495 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 Phone Number: 901-529-2211
Memphis Magazine460 Tennessee Street Memphis, TN 38101 Phone Number: 901-521-9000
Memphis Silver Star News3144 Park Avenue Memphis, TN 38111 Phone Number: 901-452-8828
28 more rows

What is the fastest growing county in Tennessee? ›

Maury County

Is Jefferson City a good place to live? ›

Jefferson City is a town in Missouri with a population of 42,644. Jefferson City is in Cole County and is one of the best places to live in Missouri. Living in Jefferson City offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes.

Is Jefferson TN a good place to live? ›

Jefferson City Reviews

Jefferson City is beautiful and a fantastic location to raise a family. The people are extremely friendly, and being a university town, JC possess a fantastic atmosphere while maintaining a peaceful feel. Jefferson City reminds me of an old TV show.

Is Tennessee growing or Shrinking? ›

Tennessee's Widespread Increases Among Highest in the Nation
StateCounties with 2023 Population IncreaseShare of Counties with Population Increase
1 more row
Apr 9, 2024


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