“Spicier Than ‘Single’s Inferno’”— 5 Korean Dating Reality Shows To Binge Across Seasons (2024)

Looking for your next dose of dating reality shows? We’ve prepared a range of shows from spicy to mellow for you to take your pic. Snuggle under the covers with some popcorn and a box of tissues — we guarantee you’ll find your next watch by the end of this post.

1. “EXchange”

Known for its emotionally charged moments that will have you weeping, EXchange explores both new possibilities and old flames by bringing together 4 pairs of exes. Each pair can choose to either rekindle their love or go on dates with any of the other participants on the show. Plot twists are aplenty, with special rules in place for some dates. These include forbidding participants to choose their ex for a date, or having their ex choose their date partner.

“Spicier Than ‘Single’s Inferno’”— 5 Korean Dating Reality Shows To Binge Across Seasons (1)

The show has completed two seasons so far. The first had a more mellow dynamic, with many longtime couples on the show. A fan favorite was the American “high-teen” couple of YouTuber and influencer Lee Coco, and her ex, Kwak Min Jae. The pair met back in high school in California. They even went to prom together! The audience applauded the couple’s emotional maturity which delivered a deeper layer to the show.

“Spicier Than ‘Single’s Inferno’”— 5 Korean Dating Reality Shows To Binge Across Seasons (2)If you want a more dramatic watch, season two is for you. Watch Sung Hae Eun get over her 7 year relationship with Jung Gyu Min. Nibble on a side of jealousy as Lee Na Yeon seethes over her ex falling for other girls.

2. “Eden”

It’s not as well-known as the other ones on this list, but for those angling for a little bit more action and spice, Eden is the one for you. A reference to the temptations that Adam and Eve faced in the Garden of Eden, the cast plays skinship heavy games to help them get closer to each other. While the regular dates are PG-13 enough, the show’s hook comes at nightfall. All the participants have to sleep in mixed-gender rooms. They are all paired off for the night in twos, or even threes, orchestrated by the winner of the mini games each episode. The cast can choose to chat the night away, sleep in the same bed or separately, or simply ignore each other’s existence. One of the more popular cast members is model and K-Pop singer Lana, who hails from Russia.

3. “I AM SOLO”

This show is so popular in South Korea as a light-hearted watch, that it has over 15 seasons and 2 more currently being produced for air in 2023. The age range spans a little higher than other dating shows, with a focus on pairing up late bloomers who are still single in their 30s and 40s. As the show does not place emphasis on the contestants’ looks or vocations, it is as real as it gets. Many relate to how normal the contestants are. Of course, there are the few who go viral for their ridiculous whims that have viewers going, “yep, that’s why they’re single.”

4. “Change Days”

The most “Hollywood-like” show on this list, couples facing a lull in romance come on the show to experience new sparks. They go on dates with other contestants, all while still being attached to their current parter. It’s almost like cheating with permission. At the end of the show, the couples can choose if they wish to break up, get together with someone new, or stay as a couple. Most participants are regular folk, save for season two’s Jiyu, who is a YouTuber. Her ex also used to be a K-Pop idol trainee. Viewers found season two to be more toxic, with more high-strung emotions and jealousy. Season one was more about rekindling the spark in the existing relationship through meeting other people. Whichever season you choose, you’re guaranteed to be in for a rollercoaster ride.

5. “Heart Signal”

Possibly the most globally famous South Korean dating show, we’re now on the 4th season in 2023. Known for its visuals, romantic filter, and mellow vibes, this is the perfect show if you want a low-stakes, cozy, feel-good watch. Any season will deliver all the right warm vibes. Season one proved to be the most “authentic” season, without any celebrity wannabes on the show. Many found the second season to be the most fun to watch, with an iconic cast lineup that had perfect chemistry as both friends, enemies in love, and potential dates. The third season fell short of expectations for some, but there’s enough eye-candy to keep us in our seats. The fourth and on-going season already has some scandal surrounding the contestants, with Kim Ji Young caught in the headlights by netizens. The doe-eyed former stewardess had been in a long term relationship that she had posted about on social media a mere two months before filming began. Despite the personal issues the cast may have, the show has enough twists and turns in just the current four episodes to keep us wanting more.

Made your pick? Now it’s time to settle down and hit that play button. Trust us — once you’ve opened your eyes to the world of Korean dating shows, you’ll be gasping for more!

“Spicier Than ‘Single’s Inferno’”— 5 Korean Dating Reality Shows To Binge Across Seasons (2024)


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