SPAA M.P.A. Project Paper Titles (2024)

M.P.A. project papers (2005 to current)

Abu Baker, Mohd Syaifulrizal (2015). "Technological tools in fostering community participation and engagement in elementary schools in Southwest Michigan."

Adair, Erin (2011). "Michigan's 2008 renewable portfolio standards legislation: A case study of clean water action."

Adatsi, George (2006). "Nursing shortage and mentoring."

Akbulut, Alev (2006). "Gap in earnings based on gender."

Akinade, Crystal (2020). "Effect of prescription opioids on neonatal outcomes and women reproductive system when used during maternal care."

Alexander, Allison (2008). "Who's in the audience, what's on the stage, and I don't know why the house isn't full."

Ali, Israil (2006). "Investigating African American retention at Western Michigan University: A design for change."

Allen, Shawna M. (2020). "Ethics in local public administration: An analysis of trends from 1990 to 2020."

Alrebeh, Mariam (2011). "Comparison between health information technology in New Zealand and the United States."

Alvarez, Evangelina (2020). "The development disorder impact of twenty-first century anti-immigrant policies on children of immigrant parents."

Amanda, Ri'Chard (2012). "Why do people volunteer? Altruism scale in nonprofit organizations."

Amitiurna, Citra (2019). "Inflation, exports, consumption expenditures and foreign direct investment on gross domestic products: A study in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapura, and Thailand 1998-2017."

Anderle, Melanie (2016). "Healthcare disparities for the disabled: A nation-wide analysis."

Anderson, Adwoa (2016). "Mental health awareness among African American college students: An analysis and recommendation."

Anderson, Ondreya (2017). "Social impact bonds for spinal manipulation as a primary intervention for chronic low back pain: A feasibility study."

Anderson, Seth (2014). "Utilization of medication therapy management services in a pharmacy setting."

Anter, Erin M. (2006). "Embracing mission, vision, and board development: Shaping a successful future for the Youth Development Corporation."

Anthony, Sarah E. (2012). "Examining post-affirmative action diversity efforts at Michigan's flagship universities."

Archambault, Kimberly (2005). "The impact of the Family Medical Leave Act on the district court system in Michigan."

Arneberg, Jonathan D. (2012). "A content analysis of privacy and security policies on local e-government websites in Michigan."

Arvizu, Michel (2007). "Mandatory electronic child support payments: Should Michigan require employers to remit electronically?"

Atkinson, Julie (2006). "Exploring the feasibility of starting a vascular sonography program at Lansing Community College."

Austin, Jessica J.E. (2010). "Shelter from the storm: Companion animal emergency planning in nine states."

Avant, Mitchell (2014). "The relationship between diversity management and performance management."

Awgu, Ezechukwu M. (2006). "Factors that influence life expectancy in the United States between the period (1990-2003)."

Baarson, Gerrie (2005). "The strategic plan proposal for the re-development of the Cancer Care Center."

Babco*ck, Casandra J. (2019). "Child welfare worker retention within the State of Michigan."

Bailey, D'Angelo (2009). "How will the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative reduce the rate of recidivism in Michigan?"

Ball, Alicia (2011). "Growth of e-government in local government units: An analysis of tools available to develop and maintain Kalamazoo county government's web services."

Bamberg, Christopher (2021)."Law enforcement and the public trust: Public administration and organizational change research and theory for police."

Barikdar, Alfred (2010). "Cost benefit of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS): A meta-analysis."

Barner, Leslie N. (2006). "Intergovernmental cooperation for 9-1-1 services."

Barney, Elizabeth (2007). "The relationship of x-ray turn-around times with Pneumonia patient outcomes at Bronson Methodist Hospital."

Barron, Brad (2011). "Leadership in healthcare: Evaluating management participation in high-impact learning on associate engagement."

Barron, Vicki (2009). "The prospect of light rail transit and its contribution to downtown revitalization: A comparison study on the cities of Detroit and Cleveland"

Bartley, Daniel T. (2009). "Federal delivery of routine building maintenance: A study of the differences between the public and private sectors."

Beach, Jacob Allen (2018). "Building nonprofit leaders: A look at leadership development in nonprofit organizations".

Beachnau, Kevin P. (2006). "An assessment of the uninsured In Michigan".

Bean, Terrance M. (2016). "Evaluating health equity and social justice at the Ingham County Health Department."

Beck, Kelly A. (2008). "Michigan State University football: A study of the impact on tailgate policy changes instituted in 2005."

Bennett, Michael J. (2018). "Evaluation and quality improvement of the intentional rounding program."

Benson, Vita (2011). "Funding's effects on local health departments' staffing, programming, and functioning."

Bidigare, Barbara (2019). "Exploring the response of nonprofits to rage donations 2016-2018."

Bigelow, Samantha-Capstone Portfolio in Public Management

Bishop, Kimberley (2014). "Understanding African American infant mortality: A critical health disparity in our nation and our state."

Black, Alison (2010). "Consulting the policy: Do Federal guidelines promote successful tribal consultation?"

Blocker, James A. (2008). "Police and fire consolidation: Will it work for Battle Creek, Michigan?"

Blue, John (2007). "Performance and measurement criteria for police investigation units: An approach for the Portage Police Department."

Bohl, Melissa (2009). "Michigan healthy eating and physical activity plan: Healthcare objective #5 interventions."

Bolt, Christopher J. (2013). "Revenue challenges, options, and strategies for Michigan's County Road Commissions: An examination of policy effectiveness as administered by two agencies." **Best Project Paper**

Bond, Janet M. (2007). "An analysis of the potential implications of recently passed statutes imposing lifetime time limits in Michigan for the receipt of welfare cash assistance."

Borg, Christian (2009). "Using community needs assessments to influence organizational change: A strategic perspective."

Bosco, Matthew M. (2007). "Macroeconomic evaluation of institutional healthcare financing under optimal utility procurement drivers."

Boucher, Brody (2009). "The effects of alternative work schedules on uniform patrol activity in the Michigan State Police 2009."

Bouwens, Nicole (2015). "The impact of increasing the corrections budget on lowering the recidivism rate."

Bowden, Charles D. (2019). "Departmental crisis: Employee retention."

Bowen, Jonathan S. (2015). "Scanning into the future."

Bower, Laura (2005). "An analysis of services provided to first year Michigan Main Street communities."

Boylan, Kathleen L. (2019). "The anti-vaccine movement in the United States: An analysis of current and proposed immunization policy in Michigan."

Braddock, Candice (2013). "An examination of federal cabinet-level department's e-recruitment practices for women and racial/ethnic minorities."

Brandt, Anna D. (2015). "Community food security in Kalamazoo, Michigan: An assessment of the access barriers to community food program outreach initiatives."

Branneman, Lauren (2011). "Responsiveness and partisan bias in electoral systems: A comparative analysis of legislative and bipartisan redistricting commissions."

Brenner, Erica A. (2019). "A phenomenological study of leadership: Leadership development and the desire to lead."

Brooks, Carleton L. (2012). "Measuring test performance of charter schools and public schools in two cities in Michigan."

Brown, Jeremy D. (2019). "Effectiveness of 21st century community policing."

Buchanan, Cherise I. J. (2013). "A different way of learning alternative education high school programs."

Bucholz, Thomas J. (2010). "Public expectation of government during crisis events: How does crisis impact public confidence in government service?"

Buffenbarger, Jonathan W. (2009). "A graduated income tax: Raising state revenues."

Buford, Montrell (2005). "Fostering independence: A proposal independent living services to foster youth in Kalamazoo County Michigan."

Burke, Brittany (2018). "Reporting non-debilitating, physical injuries in U.S. military members."

Burke, Leandra (2014). "Has health care value at the end of life improved at Borgess Health since the Affordable Care Act?"

Caesar, Lloyd (2009). "A tale of two cities: Analysis of factors related to the success and failure of proportional representation in two US cities."

Campion, Sharon L. (2014). "How student insurance has been affected and what the future holds."

Cardona, Jose A. (2018). "The impact of privatization on the education in the US."

Carneiro-Stephens, Stella (2020)."Tuition-free community colleges in Michigan: Prospects and challenges."

Carroll, Jeffrey M. (2014). "Kalamazoo Gastroenterology patients' and providers' perceptions of quality." **Best Project Paper**

Carroll, Sarah (2015). "Fundraising strategies by small scale nonprofits in Barry, Calhoun, and Kalamazoo counties to reach individual donors."

Case, Tammie (2009). "Barriers to access and adherence to mental health treatment."

Cassidy, Jeffery A. (2016). "Barriers veterans face when attempting to access mental health care."

Cervin, Faith M. (2015). "Motivation of future nonprofit leaders: Applying the nonprofit public service motivation model to nonprofit students."

Chamberlin, Allisa B. (2014). "Patient age related to patient satisfaction: An analysis of three Michigan hospitals."

Chandler, Thom (2014). "Mid-Michigan inter-county poverty analysis: 2008-2013."

Chapman, Margery (2005). "Employee turnover: Nursing assistants in skilled nursing facilities."

Chapman, Sean (2017). "Low income housing tax credits and the impact on adjacent property values in Ingham Co."

Chau, Kevin N. (2010). "Hospital preparedness program: A comparative analysis on rural and urban regionalization."

Chavez, Elsie (2013). "Public policy administration: Drug-related crimes, incarceration, and public policy."

Cheng, May H. (2012). "Exploring diversity initiatives on predominantly white college campuses: Calvin College's strive for diversity."

Cheng, Yueh-Wen (2008). "Advertising in the nonprofit arts organization of Kalamazoo, Michigan area."

Cieciek, Linda (2012). "Barriers to performance measurements in Metro Detroit nonprofits."

Clairmont, Nicole J. (2008). "Centralized credentialing: A proposal for the State of Michigan."

Clark, Mathew (2005). "Healing the uninsured: A national healthcare proposal."

Clarke, Mary E. (2015). "Ethical considerations of willed body and donor programs in medical education."

Clay, Troland V. (2013). "Contemplation of tribal economic development: A framework for thriving tribal economies."

Clemons, Tiana (2016). "State level cost-control for Medicare: A comparative analysis."

Clock, Angela M. (2015). "The great recession and nonprofit fundraising: Effects on fundraising in Ingham county nonprofit organizations."

Cole, Lydia (2021).Capstone Portfolio inNonprofit Leadership and Administration.

Cole, Maria D. (2015). "Key factors that lead patients to visit urgent care centers: A comparison of public views."

Coleman, Ciara D. (2015). "From policy to practice: Examining benefits and policies that support pregnant and lactating women." **Best Project Paper**

Collard, Geoffrey (2012). "Consolidating police and fire operation: Comparative case study of Kalamazoo, MI, and Grand Rapids, MI."

Collier, Deborah (2006). "Remediation and treatment of substance abuse in the nursing profession."

Colligan, Paul (2012). "Social networking and healthcare adoption in a medical office."

Collins, Callie C. (2006). "Family reunification in the child welfare system."

Collins, Christian (2012). "The impact of mentors on high school dropout rates."

Collins, Jason (2013). "The impact of Western Michigan University School of Medicine on health services in Southwest Michigan."

Congleton, Melissa A. (2006). "Factors associated with a police officer's use of force at the Michigan State University Police Department."

Conrad, Katie (2014). "Primary care physician shortage in Kalamazoo: How is Bronson Healthcare Group addressing the issue."

Cook, Mark A. (2006). "A framework for discussion of regulatory reform in Michigan's individual health insurance market."

Cook, Nicole A. (2015). "College success: Comparative case study of the Federal Pell Grant and TRiO programs on college retention and graduation rates at Western Michigan University."

Cook, Susan L. (2019). "Effects of performance management systems on employee engagement."

Cooke, Reina (2021)."Assessing the F.A.A.'s policy on passenger rights."

Coss, Elizabeth (2010). "Patient's journeys and disparities in Calhoun County breast cancer care: Early breast cancer detection increases life spans."

Coss, James C. (2009). "Municipal internet privacy policies."

Costanza, Tamara J. (2007). "Import factors effecting cancer research funding in the United States."

Cretsinger, Marye (2018). "Women, alcoholism, and AA: The effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous on women in Kalamazoo county."

Crossley, Samantha Josephine (2018). "The rise and decline of infant mortality."

Crump, Melodia (2011). "Mandatory influenza vaccination policies for health care workers." **Best Project Paper**

Cummins, Sarah B. M. (2015). "Evaluating harvest success and effort for Michigan deer hunters with disabilities: 2008-2014."

Curtis, Christine (2005). "Moving from principle to practice: Incorporating the principles of risk and need into residential placement under Public Act 511."

Cyzman, Ryan (2017). "Michigan and Missouri rural hospital closures: Policy impact of the ACA and house-passed AHCA."

Daugherty, Christine (2005). "The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians direct on-site clinical services business plan."

Davis, Cristel (2005). "What is the future for Michigan public administrators?"

Davis, Jessica (2005). "Integrated education: A process evaluation of a Sherman Lake Program."

Davis, Sarah M. (2012). "Saving man's best friend: The motivations and experiences of volunteers in a Mid-Michigan dog rescue organization." **Best Project Paper**

Dawson, Barbara E. (2016). "IT governance mechanisms contribution to overall effectiveness of IT governance: A meta-analysis."

De la Cruz, Dolores Valentina (2019). "The impact of government-sponsored housing projects on the quality of life of low-income people" The case of La Nueva Barquita, Dominican Republic."

De La Cruz Perez, Alan N. (2015). "Case study regarding the impact of human development on the economic growth in Dominican Republic."

De La Rosa Graciano, Jesus (2010). "Consolidation of police services in small cities: A case study of the city of Walker, Grandville and Kentwood, Michigan."

De Los Santos Valenzuela, Yocibel (2012). "Citizen participation in the city of Kalamazoo."

Dearing, Theodore (2007). "Doing more for less: Is cross-sector collaboration in the public sector cost effective?"

DeFouw, Kaitlyn (2020)."Private well-water policies in the Great Lakes region: A comparative state level analysis."

DeFrain, Elisha (2017). "Evaluation of nonmotarized spending by local agencies and transportation equity in Michigan communities."

Dehaven, Susan L. (2005). "Home-based palliative care: Establishing and funding and end-of-life option within a nonprofit independent Hospice program for Hospice of Lansing."

DeHollander, Susan (2005). "Is there a relationship between place of residence and asthma occurrence in children? Proposal for an asthma intervention program."

Delgado, Vincent P. (2013). "Shades of purple: Identity and human service nonprofit leadership succession in Ingham County, Michigan."

DeRose, Michael (2010). "Meeting expectations? A case study of Michigan’s performance management program."

Deswal, Shivender S. (2007). "Effects of the new Prospective Payment System (PPS) for Medicare in a skilled nursing facility."

DeVon Moss, Debra (2010). "Michigan prisoner re-entry initiative: Is it successful at reducing cost and recidivism?"

Diaz, Keila (2010). "Adapting e-government in developing countries: A case study of Chile and the Dominican Republic."

Diorka, Sandra (2008). "Public awareness of Dehli Charter Township storm water public education activities."

Dipre, Rafael (2012). "Public funding of baseball stadiums: An analysis of the financial viability of using municipal bonds for construction of new MLB stadiums."

Dix, Marcy (2017). "Best practices for Brownfield redevelopment in small-to-medium Michigan cities."

Dobbs, Javon (2016). "Basic education and beyond: The role of NGOS in educational access and preparation."

Donnelly, Joseph (2012). "An examination of the impact of the 2008 Amendment to the Americans with Disabilities Act on the number of employment charge resolutions." **Best Project Paper**

Dotson, R. Tyler (2013). "An evaluation of smart growth principles, implementation, and community development in West Michigan."

Doubleday, Stacy (2014). "Programs for expectant mothers in Calhoun County, Michigan."

Dowker, Joann M. (2015). "Use of public-private partnerships in the energy efficiency industry in Michigan."

Drake, Candice (2007). "The glass ceiling barrier: Does it exist among African American female professors at historically black colleges and universities?"

Drake, Caroline (2014). "A comparative study on board training and education in small and large nonprofit organizations."

Drake, Christina M. (2009). "Safety of children in licensed childcare family homes in relation to residences of convicted sex offenders."

Drake, Matthew L. (2006). "Policy options for the coming physician shortage."

Drake, Nicholeigh V. (2020). "The impact of market factors on auto insurance premiums across states."

Dubois, Charlene L. (2005). "The impact of regulatory barriers on salaries of registered dieticians."

Duckwall, Johanna (2021)."An examination of training programs for dislocated workers in rural communities."

DuPuis, Julie (2013). "Michigan's risk adjustment scores: How stable are they?"

Dutcher, Gregory A. (2007). "Preparedness levels of Calhoun County, MI First Responders: The impact of Federal grants and training."

Eagle, Mark A. (2018). "Decades of the Randolph-Sheppard program"

Eaton, Tammy M. (2008). "How do private colleges retain students?"

Eddy, Carol (2005). "Sindecuse Health Center: A mental health triage unit proposal."

Edlefson, Aaron (2016). "Calhoun County veterans affairs strategic plans: A review for future success."

Edmonds Jr., Lawrence E. (2007). “Distant learning.”

Eggen, Chad M. (2010). "Fiscal slack and its impact on local government budgets in Missouri."

Eguchi, Tomoyuki (2013). "The examination of the effectiveness of P.A. 198 Tax Abatement Policy in the city of Kalamazoo."

Ergang, Bryan (2013). "The implementation and administration of a standardized in-house training curriculum for police officers at a small police agency."

Ernstes, Scott (2006). "Paintball gun crime: A legislative proposal to help control the problem."

Esman, Paul (2010). "Self-determination costs and service satisfaction outcomes in developmentally disabled adults."

Essenmacher, Patrick (2010). "The rise of low-profit companies: Comparative social enterprise movements."

Evans, Nicholas (2012). "Wealth and participation in Michigan's energy optimization programs."

Everett III, Richard M. (2010). "Michigan charter townships’ supervisor statutory duties: A comparison between elected supervisors and appointed superintendents."

Everhart, Karen (2007). "Designing a comprehensive staff retention plan for Green Acres."

Every, Kellie (2014). "The Texas top 10 percent rule: An in depth look at House Bill 588 and academic outcomes in Texas public universities."

Faison, Lenyorsita M. (2013). “Student debt in higher education: Will the Obama administration proposal reduce student debt burden?”

Fall, Lisa (2016). “The nursing shortage in the United States: Its causes and possible solutions.”

Fancher, Roland C. (2006). “The impact of staffing, income and population on child support collections in Michigan.”

Farley, Amanda (2014). “Obesity reduction experiences in Berrien County Michigan: A case study of current practices challenges and recommendations.”

Farmer, Mary L. (2009). "It's your life: Determining the effectiveness of the Jackson County Employee Wellness Plan with regards to changing employee behavior.”

Farrand, Mary (2006). “An evaluation of the social and emotional components of the Capital Area Community Services, Inc., Head Start and Early Childhood program.”

Fassett, Stacey (2017). “Referral process and know barriers for assistant payment workers in referring WIC eligible clients to local WIC agencies.”

Fata (Reid), Victoria C. (2020). "Opioid epidemic: A look into Michigan, New Hampshire and West Virginia's approach to the crisis."

Fedders, Carl (2013). “Michigan's renewable energy portfolio standard: A study of the economic impacts.”

Fedewa, Stacey K. (2014). “Purchase of development rights program: A comparative analysis of six Michigan communities.”

Fergison, Patti (2020)."Year-round calendar schools and low level reading proficiency."

Ferland, Michael (2006). “Michigan senate capitol building safety and security technology enhancements homeland security grant proposal.”

Ferrall, Douglas (2016). “Donor and sponsorship fatigue: How they impact business and nonprofit relationships.”

Fiedorowicz, Michael J. (2017). “Small cultural nonprofit organizations and board oversight.”

Fitzgerald, Christi (2008). “Recruitment of physicians to rural areas.”

Flores Usero, Rafael A. (2012). “What effects do performance dashboards have on local policy?”

Flowers, Suzann M. (2007). “Does an urban growth boundary help protect environmental features from the impacts of urban sprawl? A study of Portland, Oregon.”

Forest, Megyn N. (2018). “The cost of turnover: How teacher turnover affects student outcomes of head start programs in Michigan.”

Fortney, Mary K. (2014). “Impacts of the 2014 GED in Southwest Michigan and strategies for preparing and accommodating students with cognitive and learning disabilities.”

Frenger, Gregory J. (2008). “What does the Meridian Township Police Department need to meet future goals and to respond to crime?”

Galardi, Joseph A. (2013). “Return on investment for the TPL Electronic Database.”

Ganum, Juan E. (2007). “Contemplating the consequences of consolidation: A townshipless Michigan.”

Gardner-Lawson, Donna (2008). “Incivility: Does it lead to violence?”

Gast, Shawn (2007). “Analysis of renaissance zones in Berrien County, Michigan.”

Gates, Kristie (2005). “How to successfully brief congress: A public relations plan to inform public officials.”

Geers, Ryan (2008). “Defense logistics information service culture/climate survey analysis and recommendations.”

Germann, Susan (2010). “Are community mental health services effective for women with alcohol-related disorders? A case study of the Pines Behavioral Health Services in Michigan.”

Gibbs, Thelen (2005). “Analysis of the Michigan Department of Transportation Federal Equal Opportunity Contract Compliance Program.”

Gibril, Mohamed (2015). “The impact of GDP on refugees resettlement decision in the European Union.”

Gibson, Daniel S. (2012). “Analyzing in-home care funding component of Michigan's child care fund.”

Gies, Jennie (2015). “Tax increment financing programs and local governments' bottom line.”

Gifford-Zeigler, Amy (2010). “Generations X and Y building the future: A study of Michigan community foundations.”

Gill, Ivy A. (2008). “Relationship between socio-economic statuses and voters and non-voters in Benton Harbor, Michigan.”

Gowan, Allison (2020). "Charitable giving in rural communities: Examining and overcoming challenges and barriers in nonprofit fundraising."

Grabemeyer, Andrea (2017). “Sector based initiative in Illinois under WIA and under WIOA.”

Graciano Mota, Alexander (2019). "Gender inequality: A case study of economic and hierarchic disparity in the Dominican Republic government."

Gram, Joanne (2006). “Online vehicle sales by licensed Michigan dealers: Regulation and related issues.”

Green, Dan (2007). “Per capita payments and their social impacts.”

Green, Kellie (2005). “Choco-Atrato-San Juan River authority: An exploratory study.”

Greenlee, Michelle M. (2009). “Reducing criminal recidivism and violence Kalamazoo County Mental Health Court.”

Griffin, Tracy (2008). “Did the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 create barriers that affect accessibility to Medicaid for United States citizens who reside in Michigan?”

Grounds, Chase (2019). "Addressing emergency department utilization: Assessing the effects of interventions at a Michigan hospital."

Grover, Rachael A. (2013). "Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 in Kalamazoo and Lansing, Michigan.”

Guillen Hernandez, Luis (2011). “Understanding the impact of nursing shortages in the United States healthcare system.”

Guy, Daniel (2009). “Teacher compensation: Is it time for change?”

Habtezgi, Aster S. (2012). “Evaluation of educational programs on teen pregnancy project: Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan.”

Hall, Nicole M. (2012). “Programs available in Calhoun County that support pregnant and parenting teens continue their education.”

Hampton, Krista (2018). “Food insecurity and pediatric obesity in Kalamazoo.”

Harper, Don (2013). “Not guilty by reasons of insanity acquitees: Recidivism rates and trends in Wayne County.”

Harper, Donald W. (2014). “Benefits of consolidating the last of Michigan's municipal courts.”

Harrison, Doreen (2010). “A responsive evaluation of a domestic violence rapid re-housing program.”

Hashmi, Aamir (2005). “Relationship between stress and job performance in Australian universities.”

Hart, Michael (2020). "Term limits and legislative staff in the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate."

Hassan, Ihab (2011). “Obesity in Ingham County: The determining factor and proposed solutions.”

Hassett, Timothy J. (2014). “Does satisfaction with pay differ based on age, gender or veteran status in the federal workforce?”

Hastings, Michelle L. (2013). “Membership recruitment and retention: Administrative Professionals Association and the Professional Support Staff Organization at WMU.”

Hathaway, Paige (2010). “Childhood obesity and the health of society: Sustainable lifestyle changes for American families in Michigan.”

Haviland, Elizabeth (2019). "An analysis of socio-political events that may have influenced international student enrollment statistics within the United States from 1999-2019."

Haynes, Kevin B. (2018). “Evaluation of online health education: International student perspectives on alcohol education.”

Hefty, Nicholas J. (2017). “Pride program evaluation: Congruence of implementation with recommended best practice and program operating modality.”

Helm, Angela M. (2019). "Government sustainability and productivity: Moving forward."

Hemphill, Stefon (2021)."Addressing student debt."

Henrich, Patricia L. (2007). “A legislative proposal prohibiting the use of "non-wood" baseball bats in the playing of baseball and or softball in competitive or league baseball or softball games.”

Hensley, James (2010). “Wisconsin chiefs of police perceptions of Tasers.”

Herman-Wilmarth, Jessica (2014). “Hospital philanthropy effectiveness: A comparative case study of two Midwestern hospital foundations.”

Hershberger, Scott (2010). “Measuring service quality within a department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Information Technology Department.” **Best Project Paper**

Hertz, Shannon (2014). “The effectiveness of the Michigan Works! program within West Michigan: Findings and recommendations to increase program effectiveness.”

Heydlauff, Mark L. (2010). “Term limits and partnership in the Michigan Legislature.” **Best Project Paper**

Hickmon, Philip (2006). “A Diversity Management Initiative (DMI): What works? What doesn't? When? How? Why? An analysis of a Community Mental Health Service Provider (CMHSP) Diversity Council.”

Hidayah, Noor (2019). "Community satisfaction index 2016 research center for metallurgy and materials Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2MM-LIPI)."

Higgins, Doris W. (2008). “Corporate volunteerism and the volunteer center connection: Bringing corporations and nonprofits together to benefit communities.”

Hill, Brooke D. (2016). “A comparison/contrast of nonprofit and private organizations motivational practices and how these effect the agencies staff morale, productivity and retention.”

Hill, Brycia (2011). “Factors contributing to HIV/AIDS in African Americans in Michigan: Kent, Oakland, and Wayne Counties.”

Hill, Heather L. (2012). “Medicaid and Medicare dual-eligible: Disparity in service utilization for individuals with developmental disabilities?”

Hill, Shannon (2014). “An evaluation of Big Brothers Big Sisters: A community of caring's volunteer recruitment program using the functionalist theory of motivation.”

Hillman, Jeffrey Allen (2017). “Food sovereignty: A grassroots effort for food independence.”

Hines, Trent (2008). “What can be done to improve non-motorized connectivity between Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College to the downtown Kalamazoo area?”

Hirose, Maki (2009). “Organizational conditions to produce efficient use of software: Use of information management software within councils for international visitors.”

Hissong, James N. (2015). “On our own: An analysis of the impact of poverty on school accountability measures.”

Hodgkinson, Michael E. (2013). “Programs to assist United States military veteran education at Western Michigan University and their impact on enrollment.”

Hoffman, Frederick (2006). “Cronyism and federal agency efficiency.”

Hoffman, Mark A. (2007). “Asylum Lake Preserve and Colony Farm Orchard (Kalamazoo County, Michigan): The history, legislative intent, and analysis of their conveyances from the Michigan Department of Mental Health to Western Michigan University.”

Hollis Jr., James L. (2013). “Unemployment rates of the male population are influenced beyond economic shortfalls; geographical regions play an integral role in the system.”

Hopkins, Jody (2005). “Waiving juveniles to adult criminal courts: An analysis of the impacts on recidivism rates and correctional facility population.”

Hornev, Michael (2016). “Veterans communication: The battle for good intelligence.”

Horng, Ivy (2011). “A case study of the implementation of electronic medical records in home care and hospice settings.”

Hoyt, James E. (2018). “Pros & cons of decriminalizing marijuana: How this has impacted state & federal law enforce enforcement.”

Hsu, Jennifer C. (2016). “A phenomenological study investigating the influence of United Way funding on nonprofit leaders' motivations to collaborate.” **Best Project Paper**

Hubbard, Kimberly S. (2013). “The impact of radiation safety education and other factors on the over utilization of high ionizing advanced medical imaging procedure.”

Hudson, Patrick (2007). “Government intervention in the energy efficient home marketplace.”

Hummel, Lawrence (2005). “Proposal for the implementation of an operational review of performance at the Van Buren County Road Commission: What is working and what isn't.”

Hundt, Joshua E. (2011). “Case study analysis of competitive economic development organization structures and strategies in statewide economic development organizations.”

Hutt, Mallory A. (2012). “Diversity at the University of Michigan.”

Hyne, Esther T. (2015). “Process improvement within healthcare and how does it affect patient centered care.”

Hypatidis, Jessica (2020). "Examining the extent to which social connections impacts success in living learning communities at Western Michigan University."

Ilori, Adetunji (2010). “Effectiveness of fall prevention technology on patient falls in the nursing home setting.”

Ismail, Kamarul A. (2012). “City of Kalamazoo bid protest management: The squeaky wheel gets the grease?" **Best Project Paper**

Ives, Krista (2005). “Van Buren County and the need for a juvenile drug court program.”

Jach, Heather (2006). “Interventional youth programs: The answer to juvenile crime in the vine neighborhood?”

Jackson, Jeremy S. (2012). “An examination of the transitional process of integrating the disabled population into residential society.”

Jackson, Tiffany C. (2012). “Are schools making a deal with the devil? An evaluation of vending machines in Kalamazoo County Schools.”

James, Sydney A. (2020). "Income share agreements: Exploration, access, and impact."

Jasiak, Elizabeth (2012). “Affirmative action and Michigan's public universities: A study of the effectiveness of Affirmative Action Policies.”

Jayanthi, Meenakshi (2012). “Do provider efforts to increase trust levels aid in decreasing privacy concerns among students.”

Jenkins, Amber (2011). “A case study investigating similarities and differences in elderly driving behavior in two Mid-Western states.”

Jha, Bikash (2021)."Assessing the F.A.A.'s policy on passenger rights."

John, Katie (2015). “Is public funding for Michigan's public universities equitable?”

Johnson, Andrew (2018). “Evaluating emergency assistance at South County Community Services.”

Johnson, Camilla (2006). “Proposal for program modification addressing retention of African American males in general equivalency development training: A decision making module.”

Johnson, Dichondra (2014). “Cultural placemaking and talent retention: Strategies to retain and attract college-degreed citizens in Michigan.”

Johnson, Sharene (2011). “Public policy and private rental market perceptions affect on housing voucher neighborhood choices.”

Johnson, Terra L. (2013). “Michigan Department of Civil Rights Complaints: Handling processes, procedures, and charge trends.”

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