Pivot Works 87-00 Yamaha TW200 Trailway PW Front Wheel Bearing Kit (2024)

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    Pivot Works 87-00 Yamaha TW200 Trailway PW Front Wheel Bearing Kit

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    Pivot Works 87-00 Yamaha TW200 Trailway PW Front Wheel Bearing Kit

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    Looks sick!

    Came packaged well, looks great fit as it should. Much better than other cabon hoods I have bought in the past. Brian's customer service and willingness to assist is second to none!

    Keith Ratliff


    Anderson Composites 97-04 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Type-TM Hood

    Silver Neomax on 2006 Z06

    I purchased a kit from Brian with Swift springs. I must say that the quality, fitment and easy install was awesome.
    Beeing a racercar driver I have dealt with many sorts of coil over kits. I have also attended to several car/racecar projects. So my experience with coil over systems is wide. Like Reigers from wrc, Øhlins, Team Dynamics etc etc..
    The installation is easy but use time to do things properly.
    Very lightweight but also seems very well built dampers.
    It is easy to adjust height and stiffness. But I will recommend to do this very carefully and with some patience.
    Brian is a very nice guy and very fast to answear questions. So thumbs up for him.
    All in all I would highly recommend this product. My Z06 did get a much better grip and feel in corners and the car became perfect on bumpy tarmac roads.
    No need to scroll the internet for several different brands. This is a great value for the money to any use of your car.
    Thanks again Brian for great service and a great product.

    Vegard Larsen


    Highly recommend

    These have been great for me. I haven't taken them to the track yet, but they ride very nice and can go lower than you'll want to!

    Dustin Clausen


    Great product and to top it off... excellent customer service. Thank you!

    Ray F


    Summit Racing SUM-C2501 - Bracket Racer SFI Harmonic Damper Full Install Pkg.

    Shipped super quick, always great customer service.

    Shipped super quick, customer service is always fantastic. Mounts themselves fit great and will help put down all the power. Paired with their engine mounts it will add some NVH, but nothing extreme. I cant hear it over the bald eagles anyways

    Sean Wilber


    AMT Motorsports Corvette C6 Vulcan Differential Mounts

    Moroso oil pan 20763

    Brian got me all fixed up I was having a lot of trouble getting this oil pan locked down from other places and he was able to get me the full story on why it was so difficult to get but he got me on the list for one and got it in about two weeks including production time this place is great!

    Trevor Dalton


    Moroso Chrysler 426 Hemi 5.5in Deep Aluminum Oil Pan

    Great service and customer service



    PDF Raceshop Rear Toe Arms

    Quality was top notch. Install and fit was perfect. Thank you to Brian for going out of his way to get these to me.




    C6 radiator

    Excellent quality , Brian was great help , very knowledgeable and professional will definitely buy again.

    Jesse Miller


    CSF 05-13 Chevrolet Corvette C6 High Performance All-Aluminum Radiator

    Silver’s C5/6 Shorty Front Lower Mounts

    Brian”s great! Fast shipping great communication.

    Phil Perkins


    Silver’s Suspension Corvette C5/6 Shorty Front Lower Mounts

    smooth ride even bottomed out, Brain does great on his customer service



    Jack Daniel nitrous sticker

    Fit perfect

    Kenny Guessford




    Mario Branco


    Summit Racing SUM-C2501 - Bracket Racer SFI Harmonic Damper Full Install Pkg.

    I've tried 3 different diff mounts. The Lux Mount by SacCity, AMT Double Barrel, and just for the **** of it the Duralast c5 mount. Finally bought this 954 Bullet from FI Performance. In a nutshell the 954 had the least NVH of them all and best of all zero wheel hop even with crappy tires. Thanks Mr. Brian for your vast knowledge on this subject.

    Brian Smith


    “954 Billet” FI Performance Corvette C5 Transmission Mount

    A must do modification!!

    I purchased this kit and the install was fairly straightforward, the quality of the kit is amazing!!! Made a very noticeable difference in tightening up the entire suspension, and I did not notice an increase in NVH.

    Chris D’Atri


    aFe Control Control Arm Bushing/Sleeve Set 97-13 Chevrolet Corvette C5/C6 Black
    Pivot Works 87-00 Yamaha TW200 Trailway PW Front Wheel Bearing Kit (2024)


    How do you troubleshoot wheel bearings? ›

    Safely lift the car and remove the tire and wheel. Then, rock the hub (via the hub itself) with hands on the top and bottom (12:00 and 6:00 o'clock). If there is any give back and forth (towards or away from the car), the bearing is likely bad.

    How much play should a wheel bearing have? ›

    As a rule, there should be no perceptible play in the wheel bearing if you are pulling and tugging on a wheel 12 and 6 o'clock, but up to . 010 inch of. play in the front bearings may be acceptable on some old vehicles cars and trucks with adjustable bearings.

    Which wheel bearing goes out first? ›

    That's the earliest indication of a bad wheel bearing, and front wheel bearings (both on front wheel drive as well as rear wheel drive vehicles) are the most prone to fail on modern vehicles.

    What is one of the first signs of bearing failure? ›

    The first sign of bearing failure is excessive vibration. Following this, the bearing will begin to heat up past acceptable levels and produce excessive noises, either high-pitched or grinding.

    What are four symptoms of a defective wheel bearing? ›

    Signs of a bad wheel bearing
    • Noise. This is the most obvious one. ...
    • Car looseness. This one is also very clear and logical, the bearing is allocated between mechanisms that work very tight, if the bearing gets worn out, then, all the systems will get loose and you will feel the car.
    • Heat. ...
    • Steering wheel pulling.

    What the worst can happen driving on a bad wheel bearing? ›

    Continuing to drive on a bad wheel bearing can lead to extensive and critical damage which will be significantly more expensive to repair than a simple bearing re-grease and service.

    What makes a wheel bearing worse? ›

    Impact damage or poor road quality – all impacts from driving through a pothole, driving over speed bumps or hitting the curbstone can damage a wheel bearing and reduce its lifespan. Poor quality wheel bearing – a wheel bearing is continuously under enormous pressure.

    Do bad wheel bearings make a humming noise? ›

    The bearings rub on the race and create a humming, grinding, or squealing noise, so if it gets louder as you accelerate, it's probably your wheel bearings. Wheels are wobbling: If you notice that your wheels are wobbling excessively, it could be your bearings.

    Can a bad wheel bearing affect acceleration? ›

    Since wheel bearings are what your tires spin on, they can reduce your acceleration as they fail. Due to poor lubrication or rust, wheel bearings can start to perform worse, and they won't let your vehicle acceleration freely.

    What is the main cause of bearing failure? ›

    The majority of bearing failures occur because of improper lubrication. Lubrication failure can occur if the wrong lubricant is used, if not enough lubricant is applied, or if the bearing has been exposed to excessive temperatures that have caused the lubricant to degrade. Corrosion & Contamination.

    What does it sound like when a wheel bearing goes? ›

    Worn wheel bearing symptoms

    As a driver, the most common way of telling a failing bearing is a grinding noise that tends to get worse the faster you go, or the noise may only present itself when you are turning.

    What is the average life of a wheel bearing? ›

    As mentioned previously, the average life of wheel bearings is approximately 85,000-100,000 miles. However, that lifespan can be shortened if you hit a curb, speed bump, or pothole at high speeds. Contamination from water, mud, road salt, or sand can also shorten the life of your wheel bearings.

    How do you know if a bearing is worn out? ›

    The typical sounds of worn-out wheel bearings are squealing and/or growling. The sound intensifies as vehicle speed increases. Try to pinpoint the location of the noise because it will identify the location of the worn-out bearings.

    How to tell the difference between a bad wheel bearing and a bad CV joint? ›

    To tell the difference between a bad wheel bearing and a bad CV joint, listen to the noise. If you hear a grinding, growling, or rumbling noise coming from the affected wheel, it's a bad wheel bearing. If you hear a clicking noise coming from the affected wheel when turning, it's a bad CV joint.


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