[GTA 5 PS5 Best Safe Account #569] 100% Safe / Can't get Banned o... | ID 212580452 | PlayerAuctions (2024)

I Want to Sell

GTA 5 Online-PS5

$ 30.00

[GTA 5 PS5 Best Safe Account #569] 100% Safe / Can't get Banned o... | ID 212580452 | PlayerAuctions (4)

[GTA 5 PS5 Best Safe Account #569] 100% Safe / Can't get Banned o... | ID 212580452 | PlayerAuctions (5)

  • 1. Check out and complete the payment
  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
  • 3. Log in to the Game Account and verify description
  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

GTA 5 PS5 Best Safe Account #569

100% Safe. You can't get Banned or Reset





Male character(I also have Female character accounts, ask me if you want one before buying)



: 8 Elite Apartments / MC / Office / Facility / Nightclub / Arena / Hangar


Vehicles :

171 Deluxo / 10 Tula / Hydra,Valkyrie, Savage

. Level 100


Money in cash

: $12 million
. Money in cars : $504 Million in Tula and Deluxo (each Deluxo have a resale value of $2.83 Million, that you can resell whenever you need money. It is much better and safer than a lot of money in cash)

Additionnal information

. Region US (It doesn't change anything, you can play anywhere without restriction). I also have UK and EU region accounts. Ask me if you want one before buying

. Never hit daily sell limit or got any sanction, account is 100% Safe and Clean. You can't get banned or wiped

. There isn't any previous owner of the account. Made 100% by me
. You can change Psn name for free



All account in the site are available

. If you want to validate your payment quickly, choose Google pay, Skrill or Neteller in eWallet as a payment method, Bitcoin or Banktransfer

. If you see your order is on Pending payment, Click Here to see what you must do
. If you see your order is on Verifying payment and it takes more than 20 minutes, Click Here to see what you must do

. For other payment method, please make sure that your playerauctions account identity info are the same that your payment identity info. If not, sometimes the payment may fail

. If you have any problem with payment you can't resolve, please contact me and support so we can find a solution, as the site seems having problems with some payment method. But in any case don't worry, all accounts are available

If you like the account, please leave a feedback, it really helps me. Thanks :)

If you have any question, feel free to contact me

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      [GTA 5 PS5 Best Safe Account #569] 100% Safe / Can't get Banned o... | ID 212580452 | PlayerAuctions (6)

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      [GTA 5 PS5 Best Safe Account #569] 100% Safe / Can't get Banned o... | ID 212580452 | PlayerAuctions (2024)


      Is GTA Online safe in 2024? ›

      Is your PC gonna get fried or hacked? No, the game is safe.

      Is PlayerAuctions legit for GTA 5? ›

      Yes, PlayerAuctions is an authentic and trustworthy platform. We've been up and running since 1999 and are trusted by 1 million+ registered members. Our business protects Buyers from scams, and provides Sellers protection against payment fraud and chargebacks.

      Where is the best place to buy modded accounts in GTA 5? ›

      When looking for a reliable place to buy Grand Theft Auto V modded accounts, U7BUY is the sole platform that stands out. The greatest location to get Grand Theft Auto V accessories is U7BUY, because to their reputation for honesty, great customer service, and cheap rates.

      Is GTA 5 safe? ›

      Absolutely, GTA 5 Online is safe to play! It's a legit game developed by Rockstar Games, a reputable company in the gaming industry.

      Is GTA OK for a 7 year old? ›

      Gta games are not intended for kids.

      I did play this as a kid, but would not recommend it to people under 16 years of age. Language should not be your primary concern in a game where you play as a violent criminal - Written by a young adult man who actively plays games. 1 person found this helpful.

      Is GTA OK for a 14 year old? ›

      Parents need to know that GTA features a lot of content that is not appropriate for kids. The game has two modes — story mode and multiplayer mode. In both modes, players take on the persona of a hardened criminal, embarking on various heists, robberies, and even assassinations.

      Who is the richest legit player in GTA Online? ›

      Break the bank. One GTA Online player has become a billionaire in-game, nine years after the game released. Reddit user jamcar70 shared their impressive milestone on the game's subreddit, to a stunned response.

      Is GTA Casino real money? ›

      All the games from GTA Online, such as slots and roulette, as well as live games, are available to play here. Plus, there are bonuses you can access. Just remember to gamble responsibly, since real money is involved (not GTA game currency!)

      Is it safe to buy a modded account? ›

      Purchasing mods and modded accounts come with inherent risks. These range from scams, where buyers lose their money without receiving anything in return, to the potential for receiving banned accounts from game developers for violating terms of service. Protecting yourself starts with knowledge and caution.

      Is it safe to use the Kiddions mod menu? ›

      This mod has been manually reviewed thoroughly by a forum's file moderator and is considered safe; otherwise, it wouldn't have been approved. The original copy of the modest menu will always come from a site named Unknowncheats. Any other site that may claim to have the original version of the menu is false.

      Is GTA 6 for kids? ›

      It's unlikely to be family friendly. For almost three decades, the Grand Theft Auto series has been a staple of video game entertainment. It allows gamers to act out their less than savoury impulses - whether in missions, or of their own accord - and drive some lovely cars while they're at it.

      Is GTA 5 more inappropriate? ›

      Much more violent than its predecessors. Pretty much the entire game is filled with violence, which can be petty gory at times. Shootouts are very frequent and when they occur they are quite intense and contain some gore.

      Is GTA a real crime? ›

      When an individual steals a car, motorcycle, or any other type of motor vehicle, then that person is said to have committed grand theft auto. Since automobiles tend to be of high value, all cases of automobile theft are treated as grand theft. Grand theft auto is a serious crime that may carry a heavy punishment.

      Is GTA 5 worth in 2024? ›

      GTA 5 is a great game. Its worth for ₹952 even in 2024. It has a great story, massive open world and a lot of fun stuff to do other than the main story. GTA 5 was the reason I got a PS4 Pro and I enjoyed it.

      Is GTA coming out in 2024? ›

      “Grand Theft Auto VI” has been slated for a release in the autumn of 2025 by Rockstar Games. The news was announced Thursday when Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive reported its fourth-quarter and full fiscal year 2024 earnings, revealing the company posted a $2.9 billion loss for the Jan. 1-March 31 period.

      Is GTA 5 online bad for 10 year olds? ›

      As Grand Theft Auto 5 is an 18+ rated game children should not be playing it. However, the ease of access to these types of games, and the mature content, does make them appealing. As such, children will be subjected to profanity, violence, crime, drugs, sex and other mature themes.

      Will GTA 6 have online? ›

      GTA 6 is assumed to be recreational with a whole new era of GTA Online that will feature Leonida map.


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