Gables Search Group hiring Vice President Safety in Kalamazoo, MI | LinkedIn (2024)

Construction Safety.

We have been retained by a dynamic, fast-growing Construction Management group to fill their Vice President of Safety opening to be based out of their Kalamazoo corporate HQ.

SummaryThe VP of Safety is responsible for leadership of the safety team as well as collaboration with the executive team, operations and execution teams. This position works closely with Executives, Pre-Construction, Business Development, People Operations and Marketing Departments, supports Execution Teams to ensure safety is a core value across the organization, and supports the company’s overall business strategies and risk mitigation. This position is responsible for the overall creation and development, and maintenance of an effective Environment Health Safety and Sustainability strategy and program for the organization and its projects. This position is accountable for identification during the marketing/business development, pre-construction, and execution phases of projects to ensure minimized risk, company compliance and administration of Corporate, State, Federal, Local and Industry safety standards, laws, and guidelines identified in all aspects of projects. This position manages the safety team providing support and guidance on the execution of safety for projects across the organization.

The VP of Safety reports directly to the VP of Operations.

VP of Safety is a full-time FLSA exempt position. It requires 40 work hours per week and the ability to work more if required.

Essential Duties & ResponsibilitiesSafety Program Oversight (70%)Believes in and executes on our People First strategy/core value.

A strong leader of people, this individual will lead the Safety team and is responsible for their performance, growth and development.

Develops an environment of emotional safety where safety communication is strong across all departments

Maintains a strong line of communication with the executive leadership team, operations and execution teams on all matters related to safety

Willingness to push back and ask the hard questions regarding safety inclusion in project planning and execution

Supports and coaches trade contractors to improve their safety programs and outcomes

Supports Business Development in RFP review focusing on owner’s safety expectations

Works closely with the Operations and Execution teams to continually manage and improve safety processes

Maintains a presence on projects to reinforce our safety standards and coach leaders on critical safety criteria

Responds quickly and effectively to safety-related incidents/emergencies

Supports safety professionals with the maintenance of client safety databases (e.g., Avetta, ISN)

Interacts with and supports safety coordinator with insurance carriers to manage risk

Administers safety department, policies, and programs

Initiates safety communications

Researches new safety methods, technology, procedure, legislative codes, and regulations in order to maintain an industry-leading safety program

Interfaces with regulatory agencies

Attends pre-bid walkthroughs and post-bid interviews

Safety Execution/Program Management (15%)Support safety team with the management of safety supplies

Supports site safety through educating safety specialists on information from your review of construction documents, procedure documents, contractor’s safety manuals, project schedule, scopes and site-specific safety plans

Support safety specialists and project teams to immediately address critical safety concerns arising in the field works with all parties involved to determine a corrective plan of action

Support OSHA inspections and incident investigations reviews, data analysis, and recurrence prevention programs and procedures, communication of findings

Review site safety audits performed by safety specialists to identify possible improvements for future projects

Works with Project Directors, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Project Engineers to encourage the development and support implementation of their ideas in pre-construction

Works with trade partners to encourage development and support implementation of their safety ideas in pre-construction

Pre-Construction Safety Program (10%)Support Safety Director with review and implementation of RFP’s, project documents, and execution of safety plans

Reviews, records, and reports all injuries and incidents to identify trends. Utilize pre-planning to correct or eliminate those trends in the future

Review safety data to identify trends and implement corrective actions in future projects through pre-construction

Implement strategies to maximize optimization of safety resources

Support Safety director with Safety Roundtable

Training (5%)Attends training and recertification to stay abreast of changes in safety technology as well as changes in OSHA standards

Support and oversee one on one training on specific safety subjects ensure safety team and CSM staff acquire proper safety training

Support safety coordinator and safety specialist ensuring training schedules are followed, and safety training or certification renewals are current

Performs SWOT analysis and collects lessons learned upon conclusion of projects to include in future pre-construction planning

Competencies Required For ProficiencyBuilds Effective TeamsYou establish common objectives and a shared mindset.

You form teams with appropriate and diverse mix of styles, perspectives, and experience.

You create a feeling of belonging and strong team morale.

You share wins and reward team efforts.

You foster open dialogue and collaboration among the team.

Cultivates InnovationYou come up with useful ideas that are new, better, or unique.

You introduce new ways of looking at problems.

You can take a creative idea and put it into practice.

You encourage diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation.

Organizational SavvyYou are sensitive to how people and the organization functions.

You anticipate land mines and plan approaches accordingly.

You deal comfortably with organizational politics.

You understand how to steer through the organization to get things done.

You understand the origin and reasoning behind key policies, practices, and procedures.

Drives EngagementYou structure your work so it aligns with people's goals and motivators.

You empower others.

You make each person feel his/her contributions are important.

You invite input and share ownership and visibility.

You show a clear connection between people's motivators and the organizational goals.

Strategic MindsetYou anticipate future trends and implications accurately.

You readily pose future scenarios.

You articulate credible pictures and visions of possibilities that will create sustainable value.

You create competitive and breakthrough strategies that show a clear connection between vision and action.

RequirementsBacherlors Degree in Safety, Construction Management, Project Management or Engineering (or equivalent field experience)

5+ years field experience

Knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite of products: Outlook, word, excel, project, power point (Desired knowledge includes: Timberscan, Procore)

Desired Certified Safety Professional (CSP) [via Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)], minimum ASP Associate Safety Professional with intent to achieve CSP Certified Safety Professional

Compensation And BenefitsThis full-time position provides the opportunity to join an extraordinary work environment characterized by teamwork and mutual respect. With a competitive salary ranging from $170,000 to $200,000, this role also includes access to a comprehensive benefits package. This package encompasses relocation support, medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees, life insurance, long- and short-term disability benefits, EAP, and FSA. Additionally, it provides generous vacation time, paid US holidays, maternity and paternity leave, and a 401(k) plan with generous contributions.

Gables Search Group hiring Vice President Safety in Kalamazoo, MI | LinkedIn (2024)


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