Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (2024)

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  • Use Lunchboxes

  • Boost Your Intelligence

  • Use Multiple XP Buffs

  • Join A Casual Team

  • Complete Events

  • Run West-Tek

  • Hand In Technical Data

A few times each year, Fallout 76 has special weekend events where players can earn twice as much XP as normal. These events are great for players wanting to level up quickly, rank up legendary perk cards, or complete the current season and collect all of the rewards.

Double XP weekends run from a Thursday to a Sunday, and they are a great opportunity for players to spend some time grinding away at crafting the perfect build. Whether the player is a low-level player or a veteran, double XP weekends are very beneficial for all types of players. There are also a few ways that players can further increase their XP boost to really make the most out of double XP weekends.


Fallout 76: The Best Ways To Farm XP

Those seeking the greatest XP gains should keep their eyes peeled for all kinds of quests, events, and tougher enemies. Here's where to find them!

Use Lunchboxes

A Big Boost To XP

Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (2)

Lunchboxes have been a part of Fallout 76 for a few years. While there was some backlash about them being pay-to-progress items, there are a couple of ways that players can load up on lunchboxes without spending a penny.

Lunchboxes give anyone nearby a 25% boost to all XP earned for 60 minutes. Players can use up to four lunchboxes at the same time for a 100% XP boost. Since lunchboxes give the boost to all nearby players, it's best to open a lunchbox before starting a public event. Normally, when one player opens a lunchbox, other players will join in and start opening lunchboxes, too.


Fallout 76: How To Farm Lunchboxes

Lunchboxes are a great way to level up fast in Fallout 76, and there are some easy methods to farm Lunchboxes without spending any real-world money.

Boost Your Intelligence

More Intelligence Means More XP

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Intelligence and XP are linked in Fallout 76. For every point a player has in intelligence, they will gain roughly a 3% boost to the amount of XP they earn. While it may not sound like much, if the player puts 15 points into their intelligence, then they will earn around 45% more XP than normal. Players can have a maximum of 15 intelligence points in their perk loadout.

However, that's not the limit. If you open up your Pip-Boy and head to stats, you'll see all of your special attributes. There's no real limit to how high these stats can be, so you can use various boosts to increase your intelligence way beyond the 15-point loadout limit.

See the table below for some of the intelligence-boosting items. Keep in mind that there are other intelligence boosts that players can get:




Unyielding Armor

Up To +3 Intelligence Per Piece Warn


Berry Mentats

+4 Intelligence

5 Minutes


+2 Intelligence

5 Minutes

Intelligence Bobblehead

+2 Intelligence

60 Minutes

Egg Head Serum

+6 Intelligence


Brain Bombs

+3 Intelligence

90 Minutes

Mechanical Derby Game

+2 Intelligence

30 Minutes

Brain Fungus Soup

+2 Intelligence

30 Minutes

The items listed above show the base intelligence increases that the player will receive. There are ways to get more out of the items above. For example, by the Curator perk, Bobbleheads will last for 2 hours instead of 1.

Other perks that can help boost some of the items listed above are Chem Fiend, Cola Nut, and Strange in Numbers.

Use Multiple XP Buffs

There Are Lots Of XP Buffs In The Game

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From sleeping to eating certain foods, there are lots of XP boosts that players can get for very little effort. The list is rather extensive, but even just doing two or three different things to boost your XP can make a pretty big difference to how fast you level up.

There are lots of XP boosts in the game that work side by side. It's possible for players to use 1 bobblehead, 1 magazine, 1 item of food, and a few other things at the same time for a huge XP boost.




Leader Bobbleheads

+5% XP Boost

60 Minutes

Live & Love #8

+5% XP Boost

30 Minutes

Canned Meat Stew

+5% XP Boost

60 Minutes

Cranberry Relish

+10% XP Boost

60 Minutes


+5% XP Boost

90 Minutes

Sacred Mothman Tome

+5% XP Boost

60 Minutes

The XP boosts listed above can be boosted by using things like the Herbivore mutation, the Carnivore mutation, and various perk cards.

Join A Casual Team

Be A Team Player

Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (6)

One great way to earn extra XP is to join a casual team. First, if you have the Inspirational perk maxed out, you'll gain an extra 15% XP just for being a part of a team. Second, you'll also receive a boost depending on what type of team you are a part of.

The best team by far is a casual team. If you are on a casual team with three other players, and you've bonded (been on the same team for around 10 minutes), then you'll receive a +4 to your intelligence. As mentioned in a previous entry, each point of intelligence gives the player roughly a 3% boost to XP gain.

Complete Events

Some Events Are Better Than Others

Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (7)

There are lots of events in Fallout 76. Some of those events are great for those wanting to earn lots of XP. The best ones for gaining XP can be seen below:

  • Eviction Notice
  • Radiation Rumble
  • A Colossal Problem
  • Scorched Earth
  • Neurological Warfare
  • Seismic Activity
  • The Path To Enlightenment
  • Guided Meditation
  • Moonshine Jamboree

Out of those events, Radiation Rumble and Eviction Notice are usually the best for gaining XP due to how many enemies spawn during the events. Eviction Notice is also the best event in the game for farming legendary items.

Run West-Tek

A Super Mutant Farm

Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (8)

The West-Tek Research Center is a place packed with Super Mutants. It's the perfect place to grind for XP, as the interior can be reset very easily. There are lots of guides out there on how to run West-Tek, like this one from MrWestTek.

To summarize, players go through West-Tek taking out the Super Mutants with a combination of Nuka Grenades and a Tesla Rifle, then they reset the interior and repeat the process. While it can be a little boring, when done right, it can help high-level players level up multiple times per hour.

Hand In Technical Data

Lots Of XP For Very Little Effort

Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (9)

Technical Data can be found in several different locations around Appalachia. When you first pick up a piece of Technical Data, a side quest called Forbidden Knowledge will pop up. If you have followed the Brotherhood of Steel questline, then they will be able to hand the document in at Fort Atlas. If not, then you'll need to take these to Camp Venture.

Either way, you'll receive a nice amount of XP for handing in a piece of Technical Data. It's important to only hand in one piece each time. If you have more than one on your character, store the rest in your stash box and hand in one at a time.

If you have more than one on you when you hand over Technical Data, then you'll turn them all in at once and won't get much extra XP.

The best place to find Technical Data is inside the Whitespring Bunker. Head to the Military Wing, search all of the desks, and you should find at least one piece of Technical Data. You can server-hop to find more. Other notable locations include West-Tek and inside the aquarium part of the expedition A Most Sensational Game.

Be sure to use a few different XP boosts before handing over Technical Data to maximize your XP gain.

Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (10)
Fallout 76
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November 14, 2018
Fallout 76: How To Make The Most Out Of Double XP Weekends (2024)


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