Donate to Time to stand up!!, organized by Koreen Perry (2024)

I struggled with making this go fund me. I didn't want to be one of those ppl, if that makes sense. I guess I'm worried about being judged.

At the same time, I know I've done many selfless things to help many ppl.

Now I need help.

I am the face of Bomb Bish Bakery. I've gone through a lot of things the past few months. I never would have thought a friend was working so hard behind my back to hurt me.

March 3, 2024

I received numerous Facebook messages from different friends from Welland, ON containing screenshots of a post made in a public group asking for information about myself and my partner. The post contained initials and very obvious details that people knew who this anonymous person was referring to.

I immediately contacted the admin of the group to find out who the poster was and it was from a person named ‘Marilyn Garron “

I didn’t know a Marilyn Garron, but I recalled she had made a post on my business group before I was leaving for vacation to Cuba.

By looking at this Facebook account, it was obviously a fake account but there were clues. She was friends with Vera Dugas and followed Burns Farm. I initially thought it was Rebecca Burns because she was a mutual friend of Vera Dugas and that’s her farm. After talking with Rebecca, she helped me realize it was Melissa Williams.

I went to message Melissa Williams to ask her about this, only to find that I was blocked. My suspicion grew even more because there was no reason for me to be blocked, I had no idea we had any issues. My sister Jessie told me she was also blocked.

I texted her husband, Craig Williams.

In my opinion/thoughts, if someone accused me of doing something I didn’t do, I would message that person to say that I didn’t do that. Instead I received a text back Craig saying to cease all contact with himself, Melissa and their child, ‘B’

Melissa is known for this behavior. She has numerous fake accounts and uses them to harass her niece and has been doing this for a couple years now.

A few days after my text to Craig, I got a phone call from Officer Walsh saying that I was being arrested for Indecent Act and needed to turn myself in by 3pm that day or they would come to my place of business, put me in cuffs and bring me in. He wouldn’t disclose any further information over the phone. I asked him not to put me in cuffs when I get there because I knew the ladies who worked the dispatch there and didn’t want to be humiliated. He said he was going to put me in cuffs and walk me down to the interview room. My heart dropped and went right into panic mode. Crying, I called Jeremy, my partner, telling him about the phone call I just got. He left work immediately and came to pick me up to go to the Rcmp. Officer Walsh was out of the office, so another officer came in, read me my rights and said I was arrested. He kindly respected my wishes of not being cuffed.

Still not knowing what I did to get arrested for, I waited for Officer Walsh.

When he came in, he told me that Melissa Williams had made a report that I had exposed my chest to her 8 year old daughter, ‘B’, in mid December.

I was in shock.

I loved that little girl. I took her out to many places. We just exchanged gifts on Christmas Day. They would come into my bakery/Café and eat for free, Melissa was still working for me up until mid January!

Melissa wished me a good vacation when I was going to Cuba. We were friends.

Melissa was fired from her job after 7 years at the Clare Medical Center in or around November, 2023. I gave her a waitress position at my bakery/Café to help her with money. She would work 10am-2pm then go pick ‘B’ up from school and come back to my store and hang out for a bit.

On one occasion, ‘B’ ran in, took off her backpack and jacket and lifted her shirt proudly showing me her new sports bra. I responded with ‘oh cool!! I got a new one too!’ and showed her mine. There was nothing inappropriate about that. Girls walk around in public wearing sports bras. If anyone is going to ask ‘why would I show my sports bra, they should also ask why an 8 year old girl would think its ok to show hers, and why didn’t her mother correct her?

‘B’ regularly displayed sexualized behavior during the time Melissa and I were friends. Wearing skimpy women’s bikinis and Stuffing the bra. Walking around that way in front of myself and my partner. Listening to music that had very lewd and sexual words. She would dance like a stripper. She knew way too much for a little girl and her parents approved of that. Melissa would even send me screenshots of ‘B’s texts to her mother as well as videos where B would be using bad language.

I showed those to Officer Walsh.

Officer Walsh also asked if there were any witnesses to the encounters with ‘B’ and her mother at my store. I mentioned my co-worker.

After the interview, I was given conditions. They included not to attend playgrounds, be around children under 15 years old unless I was with another adult. At that point, I broke down crying and said that I hoped Melissa knew what she was doing because this could ruin my life.

Officer Walsh stated that I wasn’t being charged yet but still had to adhere to those conditions.

Upon my return to my store, my coworker was on the phone with Officer Walsh and she was asked to come in to talk to him right away, so she went. Not long after, she came back. Her face looked flushed and it was noticeable she was crying. I allowed her more time to get herself together. She suffers from bad anxiety. I hated having her involved. I felt guilt in the pit of my stomach.

My coworker mentioned that she talked about a few encounters with B and Melissa where very bad language was used, sexual behavior and Melissa never once reprimanded her daughter.

By 3:30pm that day, officer Walsh called me saying that the investigation was closed. He suggested that I call Child Protective Services regarding what I said.

Honestly, I never did. Mainly because I was busy with my business and just didn’t have time to do it, let alone think about it.

It was quiet for a few weeks.

Then I got a Facebook message from one of my customers, saying they received 2 voice messages from Melissa Williams saying to be careful with her young children around me because I was arrested for exposing my chest to her 8 year old daughter. Melissa unsent the voice messages once my customer was done listening. But then Melissa sent a typed msg saying ‘I’ll show you the police report once I get it if you don’t believe me.

My customer was the only one who stepped forward so far, but I don’t know who else she said this to.

I noticed my business dropped in customers, 46% sales were down during that time.

I was traumatized by the arrest, especially when I was given those conditions. I was classed the same as a pervert, in My eyes

I became very depressed. I had suicidal thoughts. I was ready to leave my husband and move back to Ontario. My life was changed at that point.

I closed my store April 27, 2024. I blamed it on the building because I didn’t want Melissa to know I gave her that much control over my feelings and mental health.

I didn’t know why Melissa all of a sudden wasn’t my friend anymore and I still don’t. The only thing I can think of is that she wanted to be my friend because I was high profile and when she seen the amount of drama I was going through in January, she believed what she was reading and jumped off the friendship boat, when she should have been there for me.

I was scared to share my story because I’ve seen how standing up for myself has turned out for me like it did in January.

I can’t afford a lawyer at $500/hr, even though he said I do have a defamation case against her.

But she needs to be exposed for what she has done. She will do this to someone else!

Today, May 24, 2024 I was served with a Peace Bond application that Melissa has applied for. Claiming that in November 2023, I told her daughter to 'pop her pu$$y' then in December I showed her my breast and told her not to tell anyone. -- yet we exchanged gifts on Christmas day and were still friends up until mid February 2024.

She also put 1 against my husband just for being associated with me! She even called his fire chief to say that if they ever had an emergency that she doesn't want my husband on her property.

It was just told to me at 9pm tonight that she's been messaging other friends on my Facebook with children that I am not to be trusted with children and she even prevented my husband from a specific job in April!

This has to stop!!

Help me make her accountable!!

Donate to Time to stand up!!, organized by Koreen Perry (2024)


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