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Chapter 6247

Although the ringing and vibration rhythm of the phone did not change from usual,

Jimmy felt that the phone was ringing more and more quickly,

And it seemed to be getting more and more anxious.

At this moment, the anxious ringing finally stopped,

Leaving a missed call on his phone screen.

Then, he received a text message from his boss,

Which read: “Pick up your damn phone! Now! Right now!”

Seeing this message, Jimmy swallowed hard subconsciously,

Even though his mouth was dry.

He had said too much before, and his throat was dry and tearing.

But he could not care about these things at the moment,

Because the boss called again.

Because of the text message, Jimmy didn’t dare to hesitate any longer.

He could only answer the phone in panic.

Looking at Steve who was full of pride, he said on the phone tremblingly:


Immediately, there was a hysterical roar from the other end of the phone:

“Jimmy, what on earth did you do outside?”

“Why did the Routhchild family call and say that the eldest master was very dissatisfied with you?”

“I have worked hard for the Routhchild family for so many years,”

“But I have never had the opportunity to meet the eldest master.”

“How did you offend the eldest master?!”

Jimmy’s heart finally fell heavily.

He was still hoping that the boss’s call at this time was just a coincidence,

And had nothing to do with the man in front of him.

The one who claimed to be a core member of the Routhchild family.

But as soon as the boss said this,

He knew that he had really offended a big shot today.

He looked at Steve with eyes that were instantly filled with despair and pleading,

And he could only say in a crying voice:

“Boss, this… this is a misunderstanding,”

“I will explain it to Mr. Routhchild in person…”

“You explain your a s s!”

The other party shouted angrily:

“Is it your f*cking turn to explain?”

“I tell you, you have been fired by the Ellis Law Firm!”

“You don’t need to come to handle the resignation procedures,”

“I will have someone send your things to your home.”

“From now on, I don’t want to see you again, and you don’t let me see you!”

When Jimmy heard that his boss wanted to fire him, he subconsciously said:

“Boss, you have no right to do this!”

“I have always done an excellent job, and I can get an A+ in every annual assessment.”

“I also have options for the firm and I am a senior partner of the firm.”

“You are not qualified to fire me directly!”

“If you want to forcibly fire me,”

“I will sue the law firm and demand a huge amount of compensation from you!”

“I’m not qualified?”

The other party sneered,

“Jimmy, let me remind you that in all these years at the law firm,”

“You have won over five clients who bypassed our company.”

“Let’s not talk about other things,”

“But in the patent dispute between Mel Goodman and IBM last year,”

“If I remember correctly, our law firm offered him a 20% risk agency.”

“He felt that the share was too high,”

“So he privately reached a 10% risk agency cooperation through you and a small law firm opened by your college classmate.”

“You were secretly responsible for all the work outside the trial,”

“And your college classmate came forward to participate in the trial.”

“In the end, Later, you helped him get 45 million dollars in patent royalties from IBM,”

“And got 4.5 million dollars in return.”

“I didn’t wrong you in this matter, did I?”

“But just this case can send you to jail!”

Jimmy was shocked and sweating. He subconsciously argued,

“How is this possible!”

“What you said is complete nonsense!”

“At that time, Mel Goodman felt that his chances of winning were very high and he was unwilling to give up 20% of the profits to Ellis,”

“So he chose to cooperate with other law firms.”

“As for who he cooperated with, I didn’t know at all,”

“Let alone participate in it. You don’t spit blood here!”

The other party laughed: “Jimmy, come on, we are all adults,”

“There are some things that I don’t need to explain too clearly.”

“Mel Goodman has met you and your college classmates privately many times,”

“And you have also held many closed-door meetings to discuss the litigation direction,”

“And breakthrough points of the entire case.”

“Mel Goodman has recorded all of these, and I have all these recordings.”

Jimmy was terrified and blurted out:

“You… You must be lying! How is this possible!”

The other party said: “Jimmy, be mature.”

“All partners who want to be promoted to senior partners must have enough handles in my hands.”

“Otherwise, no matter how strong their business capabilities are,”

“I will not give him this opportunity.”

“What I want to prevent is which senior partner to grab my resources at a critical moment,”

“Or want to bite me back when I kick him away!”

“Think carefully about when you became a senior partner?”

“Was the time point after Mel Goodman?”

Jimmy murmured in amazement:

“I was promoted to senior partner the second month after Mel Goodman’s case ended…”

“Could it be… Could it be that you arranged all this?!”

The other party laughed and said,

“You are finally a little smarter.”

Jimmy gritted his teeth and said,

“Ellis, you ba5tard!”

“We work diligently for the law firm, and you deliberately framed us!”

“It’s not a frame-up.”

The other party said, “I just want more security.”

“Your handle is in my hand, but I won’t do anything to you casually.”

“It’s your fault that you offended the eldest son of the Routhchild family.”

“I can’t let you get involved no matter what, understand?”


Charismatic Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 6247 – MTL Novels (2024)


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